War Relics

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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Talisman A Missions
*Production number: TAL-RP045
*Initiated: 110724
*Ended: 110724
*Year: 2386
*Previous Mission: Healing Touch
*Next Mission: Gone Fishin'
*SIM Concept: Hitman Jayaram

Captain's Log

  • computer begins recording*

Captain's log, stardate 110722.1224. The Talisman has detected some magnetic resonance traces on the surface of the sixth planet in the Toilan system in the Unall sector, located twelve lightyears rimward of the Wunar system (subsector grid 100, dead center, sector grid 002D). Starfleet has backed my decision to investigate, despite both parties are reasonably sure there is no threat to worry about. However...if it is a group of survivors from the war, we cannot chance any kind of resurgance from them. They were like cochroaches, and multiplied at the drop of a dime and swarmed all over. We need to ensure that has no chance of happening again. We will know more once we are in orbit.

  • computer ends recording*

Event Summary

On stardate 110722, the Talisman detected magnetic resonance traces on long range sensors on a planet in the Toilan system, twelve lightyears away from Wunar II. The Talisman notified Starfleet command of this discovery and immediatley headed for Toilan VI to investigate. The Talisman arrive on stardate 110724 and began to investigate the nature of these traces. They emmintated from a demon-class planet in the system, which is incapable of sustaining normal humanoid lifeforms. An away team was dispatched to investigate, having to go down in EVA suits. On arrival, the away team made a frightening discovery. They found a damaged and crashed Borg Cube. A sweep of the surrounding area was conducted first, and when it was deemed secured, the away team entered the cube.

Inside, evidence that the Borg ship had been damaged by nan external force became apparent. A number of Borg skeletal remains were discovered, but not enough were found to compensate for the large size of the vessel. It was theorized that something or someone had removed a number of Borg drones. The away team determined the cube had been shot down roughly a decade ago and that it had been done by a type of pulse that just shut down all systems, which caused the crash. The ship had appeared to be a large scale assimilation ship due to the large number of assimilation tables discovered. It was most likely used during planetary assaults. Some information was pulled from the computer systems, but not much was salvagable due to the pulse that had hit the cube scambling everything in the system.

A section of the cubes outer hull was removed and taken back to the Talisman for analysis along with the remains of a Borg drone for medical and science to study up close. The results of the analysis of the hull plating was unsettling. It was determined that the Borg ship had been disabled by the Relknoks, and the determination was made that it was a different group of Relknoks then the Talisman had recently encountered. It was uncertain wether or not the Relknoks had access to the presumably now defunct Borg technology or not. It was a threat that Starfleet could not afford to ignore.