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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Talisman A Missions
*Production number: TAL-RP011
*Initiated: 100420
*Ended: 100420
*Year: 2385
*Previous Mission: Judgement Day
*Next Mission: Asset Protection
*SIM Concept: Hitman Jayaram

Captain's Log

  • computer begins recording*

Third Officer's log, stardate 100420 Runabout Walbash was dispatched to investigate a class 11 nebula detected a signifigant distance off our course. Initial analysis revealed a fairly standard nebula, except for some odd radiation readings. Closer range scans by Lt. Nadir revealed these readings to be comming from an array of spherical objects in a cube shaped pattern throughout the nebula. We were about to cunduct further scans when our proximity sensors detected an incomming soliton wave vessel, similar to ones we had encountered before. However, this one appeared damaged, and was heading straight for the nebula at excess of warp 4, which would cause it to do the equivelant of splatter like an egg against a wall when it hit the nebula. Quickly running through availible theories of slowing the craft before impact, we discovered that the sphere array was made up of scatter field generators, basically a breaking system for soliton propulsion systems. We encountered a similar device near a star on a previous mission. However, the array wasn't functioning, possibly due to a lack of some signal from the ship, but we managed to find a way to jump start it using a low level modulated burst from the runabout's phasers. Scans of the ship revealed no life signs, and massive damage to the craft's drive system, which was leaking a substance that appeared, according to scan, to be liquid dilithium. We transported several small hull fragments into storage for analysis aboard Talisman. Its possible that this may have led to the craft broadcasting a signal that caused the self destruct of the scattering array soon after. Almost immediatly after THAT, we detected a subspace rupture, from which a large unknown alien ship appeared. They immediatly claimed the other vessel as their salvage, and fired on us with some sort of plasma weapon that nearly disabled our shields in one hit when further communication was attempted. Needless to say, we departed the area hastily after that, heading back to the Talisman while taking steps to attempt to mask our warp trail in case the hostile ship decided to follow. We returned to the ship without further incident, with only minor damage to the runabout from the weapons strike.

  • cimputer ends recording*

Event's Summary

On stardate 10040, the USS Talisman detected a class 11 nebula some distence off of their heading. In order to keep to a tight scheduele, the Talisman dispatched Lieutenant's Lans Starsider and Ryan Nadir in the runabout Walbash to investigate the nebula. The initial investigation of the nebula revealed nothing remarkable aside from a few uncommon radiaiton readings for a nebula of that class. Once the runabout was in closer range, Lt. Nadir was able to pinpoint the source of the readings which eminated from an array of spherical objects that formed a cube shape pattern throughout the nebula. Before more scans and readings could be taken, a vessel riding on soliton waves was heading for the nebula at an excess of warp four. Lieutenant's Nadir and Starsider began attempting to determine ways of slowing the vessel before it hit the nebula was was sheered apart. As they attempted to find a solution they discovered that the sphere array was constructed of scatter field generators, believed to be a breaking system for soliton propulsion systems. Having already encountered the aliens using this form of traval and a device like the array, they were able to determine that the array wasn't functioning. Using a low level modulater burst of the runabouts phasers, Lieutenant's Nadir and Starsider were able to "jump start" the array and slow the craft down. No life sign's had been detected aboard the alien craft and there was extensive damage to the vessel itself. Several small hull fragmanets were beamed aboard the runabout to take back to the Talisman for analysis. This was believed to have caused the vessel to broadcast a signal, causing the scattering array to self destruct. Before the runabout could depart, a subspace rupture was detected and through it a large unknown alien vessel appeared laying claim to the craft as their salvage. The ship opened fire on the runabout, making several strikes with a type of plasma weapon which almost caused extensive damage to the runabout. The runabout immediatley withdrew, setting its course to return to the Talisman. Only minor damage was taken from the weapon srikes and no further incident was recorded en route back to the ship.