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Name: Designation Species UST101-A

Home Position: Unknown

Class: Bi-Pedal Humanoid

Allegiance: Hostile

Technological Notes: N/A

Society Classification: N/A

Society Government System: N/A

Date of Contact: 110116

Appearance Notes: This species is bi-pedal in nature and extremely agile. They poses sharp talon-like claws and strong mandibles discovered to be strong enough to pierce through EVA armor. Method of sight is unknown as the creatures do not appear to have standard eyes.

Medical Notes: Alien lifeform appears to be carnivorous in nature. Also noted to be hyper-sensitive to high-pitched noises and sounds.

Post-Warp: Y/N: N/A

History and Other Information: This species was first encountered by the USS Talisman on stardate 110116 aboard a derelict freighter outside of the Pinastri System, approx. 2.3 LY's from Pinastri IV. The species, designated as UST101-A, attacked a Federation away team unprovokingly and seemed intent on injuring, perhaps even killing said away team. The creature encountered by the Talisman away team was destroyed in self defense by emitting a high-pitched sound from the ship's engines. Additional creatures were discovered in cargo containers in the ship's cargo bays. The creatures were left untouched in said containers, and a Federation starship was dispatched to collect the aliens for further study.