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Function / Billet Name Rank
Ufs wiki command separator.png
*Commanding Officer: Ulrich Bechir R-o6.png
*Second Officer: Rosine Heinkel Y-o4.png
Ufs wiki helm navigation separator.png
*Helm Officer: Jonathon Seriman Y-o4.png
Ufs wiki operations separator.png
*Chief Operations Officer: Rosine Heinkel Y-o4.png
*Operations Officer: Teresa Firelight Y-o2.png
Ufs wiki engineering separator.png
*Chief Engineer: SVAndrei Baxton Y-o5.png
*Engineer: Moonprince Rhode Y-o4.png
*Engineer: Sarah89 Edenbaum Y-o2.png
Ufs wiki science separator.png
*Chief Science Officer: Moira Kelberry C-o4.png
*Science Officer: Sisko Aries C-o1.png
*Science Officer: Zyke Dragoone C-o1.png
Ufs wiki medical separator.png
*Chief Medical Officer: Fargus Skytower T-o4.png
Ufs wiki security separator.png
*Chief Of Security: Niclaus Teichmann Y-o4.png
*Asst. Chief Of Security: Xia Mirabeau Y-o4.png
*Security Officer: Candi Brentley Y-o2.png
*Security Officer: Eleonore Edelmann Y-o1.png
Ufs wiki tactical separator.png
*Chief Tactical Officer: Niclaus Teichmann Y-o4.png
*Asst. Chief Tactical Officer: Xia Mirabeau Y-o4.png
Ufs wiki mairne separator.png
Ufs wiki intelligence separator.png
Ufs wiki civilian separator.png
*UFS Civilian: Alexandrea Swords W-blank.png