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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Talisman A Missions
*Production number: TAL-RP033
*Initiated: 110410
*Ended: 110410
*Year: 2386
*Previous Mission: A Mind of Their Own
*Next Mission: Studies of the Past
*SIM Concept: Hitman Jayaram

Captain's Log

  • computer begins recording*

Captain's log, stardate 110410.1759. The Talisman was en route to an uncharted star system when we intercepted a general distress signal. Upon intercepting the vessel it was eminatting from we discovered a wrecked cargo ship that was nearing critical status. We have beamed the only survivor aboard and left the area just before the ship destroyed itself due to a core breach. We are currently trying to learn about this person and their race.

  • computer ends recording.

Events Summary

On stardate 110410 the USS Talisman came across a damaged cargo freighter drifting in space while en route to the Caia system. The ship stopped to investigate and search for survivors. One lone humanoid was found to be aboard and was beamed to the Talisman for medical attention. The man beamed aboard identified himself as Cretas Novarti of a race known as the Melnovan's. He initially claimed to have been attacked unlawfully, but a Melnovan battlship flying under the flag of the Melnovan Consortium, the ruling governing body, had a different story.

According to the ship's captain, Cretas Novarti was a terroristic criminal that was an escapee from a terrorist complex razed by the Consortium. Novarti was apparently the lone survivor of eight that initially evading the government, but encountered one of their patrol ships that they managed to destroy before they themselves were critically damaged. When approcahed for preperation to be handed over as per the Melnovans orders and the Prime Directive, Novarti claimed that he was a member of a rebellion combating this dictatorial government. Ship's C.M.O. Doctor Genna-Thiemen Jayaram informed the Captain that he was speaking the truth, as her betazoid intuition did not sense any deception on his part. However, the Prime Directive was clear in the matter, and the crew of the Talisman was forced to comply with the Melnovan order.

Before Novarti could be transported, he took Doctor Linzee Mavendorf hostage and managed to get to a shuttle bay, where he escaped the Talisman in a shuttlecraft. He not only evaded the squadron of attack fighters deployed by the Melnovans, but maneuvered them into destroying each other and damaging the battleship before the shuttlecraft made its warp jump. As per an earlier order from the Melnovan's to stay out of Melnovan affairs, Captain Jayaram reinterated that they could not interfere due to the Prime Directive and that they did tell the Talisman to stay out of it, despite their change of heart in demanding the Talisman do something. The Talisman then resumed its course to the Caia system as Cretas Novarti made his way back to the Melnovan Rebellion.