Turn On, Tune In, Seek the Light

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Turn On, Tune In, Seek the Light
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP094
*Initiated: 111211
*Ended: 111211
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Turn On, Tune In, Seek the Light
*Previous Mission: The Path to Enlightenment
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: April Coswell
*Historian: April Coswell

On the planet Qagatu, the crew is driven to severe hallucinations in a series of caves which, they later learn, are used for vision quests by locals seeking the Light.


Location: In orbit of the planet Qagatu, approximately 20,100 years in the future

Second officer's log, Stardate 111211

Following our trek into yet another anomaly, we have found - mercifully - that we have travelled only 15 years into the future. There are still no signs of the Chenae station, or the Captain and her team. As both the station and the Sheppard went through the same anomaly, it's reasonable to assume that we're both in this time period and, hopefully, in this area.

Since splitting up means being able to cover more ground, Commander Hamelin has set out with a search team aboard two shuttles while the Sheppard, under my command, went to investigate a chroniton signature emanating from a nearby planet.

We are currently orbiting this planet and have ascertained that the chroniton readings seem to be coming from a set of caves on the northern continent. The composition of the rock in these caves includes the usual post-eruption materials, including basalt and silica. But there are also a few materials which Science can't identify.

We have made contact with the locals, a pre-warp industrial species named the Qagatians, and requested permission to visit these caves. Although the Qagatians - a spiritual but somewhat reclusive people - hemmed and hawed somewhat, they did provide us with a time when, they said, no one else was in the caves. They then wished us good luck on our quest, a quaint turn of phrase that I found intriguing.

Computer, end log.


After an away team under the command of Assistant Chief of Operations Rich Lombardia was sent down to investigate the chroniton signatures, things quickly went awry. Science officer Kathen Ohtobide reported that she had lost sensor contact with the away team, and the bridge crew soon found that the team was out of comms contact as well. Commander Merlin managed to pick up some general readings from the away team's tricorders, which did at least tell the bridge crew that the team members' brainwave patterns down there had changed somewhat. This was soon corroborated when Lt. Lombardia and Ensign Torque finally responded to the Sheppard's hails... with nonsensical jibberish.

Commander Coswell assembled a second away team and beamed down to find out what was happening - but soon after encountering a sort of head sculpted out of stone, she and Lt Ohtobide also started acting strange and speaking nonsense. Dr. Axel, Commander Merlin and Ops Ensign Montgomery, the only ones left unaffected, soon realized that the chroniton readings were coming from the stone heads themselves; furthermore, they realized that the artifacts - which in terms of technology were far too advanced for a prewarp society - were also linked to the Seekers: some delusional crew members had started talking about "ascending" to the Light, before falling unconscious.

Commander Merlin decided to revert to his natural state as pure energy in an attempt to use himself to overload the artefacts. He succeeded, but knocked himself offline in the process. After all the affected away team members regained consciousness, Commander Coswell ordered a sample idol head brought back to the Sheppard for further study.