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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Talisman - Missions
*Production number: TAL-RP054
*Initiated: 130103
*Ended: 130103
*Year: 2388
*Previous Mission: Ghosts
*Next Mission: Breaking and Entering
*SIM Concept: Hitman Jayaram

=Captain's Log=

computer begins recording

Captain's log, stardate 130103.1947. Our patrol of the sector boarder of Midgar and Pinastri has proved rather fruitful. While running continuous scans, we picked up a cargo freighter coming from Pinastri and attempting to head towards Excalibur. We hailed the ship and intercepted her. Our sensors could not penetrate the hull to confirm the validity of her cargo, so a small away team consisting of Commander Starsider, Lieutenant Rainfall, and Crewman Miller was sent in to have a look.

At first the initial checks were clear. Fortunately, Lieutenant Oaksi was able to devise a way with the aid of Lieutenant Raymaker to get our sensors to fully penetrate the hull of the cargo ship. We set up a data relay using the away teams comms signal to get a reading on what was inside the ship. We discovered a dampening field surrounding on area of their main cargo bay. They tried to stall off the opening of the cargo, but to no avail. While Commander Starsider was opening the cargo, Crewman Miller found that the ship had recently made a stop off ad Tranquility station and was there to pick up supplies and no longer. It was at this point things went sour.

The crew of the cargo vessel opened fire on the away team after disorienting them with Orion pheremones. Crewman Miller was cut off from the rest of the team and was sealed off in their crew quarters. The crew had been caught with the missing Federation tech and had moved into panic mode. They demanded that we allow them safe passage for the return of the crew. I stalled with a long bluff while we devised a way to get the away team off the ship.

The freighter made a run for it, fleeing at warp six. We immediatley jumped to warp eight in a pursuit course and overtook them in roughly twenty minutes time. After my bluff had failed and they refused to power down, I decided we needed to risk a high-warp transport and take advantage of the fact their shields had gone down for the warp jump. The transport was successful, however we were unable to recover the cargo. The pirates destroyed it as they caused a core breach in their ship and abandoned the ship in escape pods. Once the ship was destroyed and the danger had cleared, we swung around and picked up the pods. The suspects in question are currently being held in the brig and we are on a return course for Tranquility station where we will transfer custody and hope to learn more of why they took the tech and who they were taking it to.

computer ends recording