The Romarians

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Name: Romarians

Home Position: Unknown, encountered at 39.4 LY's Spineward of Pinastri Prime

Class: Non-Corporeal Intelligent Entity

Conditional Notes: Gas-Like in Appearance

Society Classification: Unknown

Society Government System: Unknown

Date of Contact: 100317

Other Notes: Possess the ability to possess Organic lifeforms

History and Other Information: Little is known about the beings that have been tagged as The Romarians. They were first encountered by the USS Talisman on stardate 100317 in a dark matter nebula in the Romar system. These beings share a similarity with the Komar first discovered by the USS Voyager. During the initial contact, the Romarians proved to be hostile, but they did possess enough intelligence that a non-aggression treaty was struck between the Romarians and the crew of the Talisman. Defense against these beings consisted of a simple rotation of the ship's shield modulation to prevent the aliens from possessing crew against their will. Further information on these beings is unavailable at this time due to the limited contact with the alien race.