The Relknoks

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Name: Relknoks

Home Position: Unknown, beyond our known universe in what is known as Wild Space

Class: Bi-Pedal Humanoid

Allegiance: Hostile

Technological Notes: Unknown, but given encounters to date it is sure to be well beyond the current level of the Federation.

Society Classification: Unknown, though they have little to no regard for other races.

Society Government System: Unknown, all appearances and current contact indicate a collective-type system.

Date of Contact: 090403

Appearance Notes: Standing approximately 4' tall, they only seem to have eyes. Their face has been seen to open up and emit a beam which does various things, including breaking a target down into raw material.

Medical Notes: Unknown, though what is known about them is they use other races to procreate, as well as use them in other manners.

Post-Warp: Y, though not much is known about their method of travel or how it is powered. They do apparently have either transwarp technology or a type of dimensional gateway system they use to enter our known space instantaneously.

History and Other Information: Initial contact with the Relknoks occured in early 2384 when the late USS Aviator encountered on of their scout ships. An away team was sent aboard to investigate as no contact could be made. An account given by then Ensign Skylar Questi indicated the Relknoks were a primal race that had deadly claws and mandibles and stood approximatley 8' tall. Mr Questi indicated he had actually been devoured whole by the alien vessel and was being reduced into raw material. The Aviator crew was able to recover Mr Questi and after severl more skirmishes over the next several weeks the Relknoks were not seen or heard from again until recently.

Recent encounters with the Relknoks by the USS Talisman-A indicate that the Relknoks have evolved in their seclusion. Everything points to the Relknoks preparing a mass invasion of our space and seem intent on eliminating all life in our known universe until they are the sole race left.If a way is not found to stop the Relknoks, that ideology could become a frightening reality.