The Path to Enlightenment

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The Path to Enlightenment
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP093
*Initiated: 111130
*Ended: 111204
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: The Path to Enlightenment
*Previous Mission: The Truth, The Whole Truth
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

After the star near the Chenae repair station goes supernova, the Sheppard ends up 100 years further into the future, at a time when old friends are new enemies.


Location: 20,000 years in the future

Captain's log, Stardate 111204

Three days ago, the nearest sun to the Chenae repair facility where the Sheppard was being repaired went supernova. According to the Chenae and Science, this was about a 100 years earlier than expected. We barely got out with our ship and to top it all off somehow our engines reconfigured themselves and interfered with the FTL anomaly the Chenae opened for us to use as an escape. As a result, we were thrown a further 100 years into the future into the radioactive remnants of the supernova.

The timing of this is very suspect, and I believe the Chenae are involved. Not their official government - they have been nothing but helpful and initially wanted to evacuate the Sheppard, these actions are not consistant with someone wanting to do us harm. We have however heard of a faction within the Chenae known as the Seekers of the Light; we have already encountered these Seekers but not in this timeframe. From our investigations and our interogation of one of their priestesses in our brig, the Seekers here have the same religious ideals as those in the past.

This, combined with the Chenae's use of a chroniton-based energy matrix for their FTL travel, could suggest that some sort of time manipulation has occurred. The thought of a bunch of religious zealots interfering in the timeline sends shivers down my spine. What isn't clear though is our role in this, why are we being dragged through time and how.

Computer, end log.


Near the point at which the Sheppard emerged from the anomaly, the crew found a Chenae station as well as an Oclar ship; attempts to hail them were unsuccessful. While Captain Dwi led a team to investigate the station, another team under Executive Officer Jess Hamelin boarded the Oclar vessel which, upon initial investigation, seemed designed as a prison ship - or a slaver ship. The sole Oclar the away team found on the vessel confirmed that it was indeed used for the transport of humanoid cargo. The away team brought the Oclar merchant back to the Sheppard for interrogation.

Meanwhile, on the Chenae station, the Captain's team brought the Chenae AI back online and found a large monolith-type device with alien writing on it, powerful enough to power an entire fleet of ships but strangely, without power. While the science team continued its investigation with the Captain, Chief of Security Cordova Marabana beamed back to the Sheppard where he assisted Chief of Operations April Coswell in the interrogation of the Oclar merchant. They were able to learn that the merchant had made a deal with the Chenae for delivery of the slaves. However, once the merchant ship had reached the station, the Chenae reportedly appropriated the cargo by force. The merchant added that these seemed to be rather peculiar Chenae, who kept talking about the Light.

The merchant's interrogation was cut short by a summons from Commander Hamelin on the bridge - the Sheppard had come under attack from a Chenae vessel, which was accusing the Sheppard of causing the supernova too early. The crew braced for combat while trying - unsuccessfully - to contact the Captain on the Chenae station. Suddenly, the station itself showed signs of chroniton buildup and, sure enough, an anomaly formed and the station went through. The Sheppard laid in a course to follow, but once on the other side, found no trace of the station... or the Captain and her team.