The Nakurma

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Name: The Nakurma

Home Position: Aquarna (inside phased anomoly)

Class: Aquatic-based Bi-Pedal Amphibians

Allegiance: Friendly

Technological Notes: The Nakurma technology based appears to be far greater then that of the Federation due to the fact they have the ability to hide their entire homeworld within an anomoly that can only be described as a "phased wormhole". The planet when hidden is on our plane of existence, but does not appear on it in a physical sense due to their phasing technolgy. Other technology is currently unknown due to the limited exposure thus far, however it was determined that Aquarna was comprised of a number of underwater cities on the aquatic planet.

Society Classification: Unknown, though all appearances put to an Technological/Agricultural hybrid

Society Government System: Heirarchy. The leader is a person known as the Prek'tash. This title apparently rules over the Nakurma and he is aided by a person in the position known as High Councilor to the Prek'Tash.

Date of Contact: First Contact was made on stardate 110123.1745.

Appearance Notes: This species stands on two legs making them bi-pedal in nature. They have what appears to be fins attatched to their arms which most likely aids in their movement when under water. Their skin is white in coloration with some blue spotting. They have rather large eyes which appear jet black in color with no apparent iris'. This race has no discernable difference in gender other then the tone of voice. By this note they apparently see no need for clothing.

Medical Notes: Based on the limited medical examinations able to be conducted, it was found that the Nakurma have both gills and lungs which allows them to live on both land and sea. It is interesting how this species evolved with lung capacity when there is no land mass on their planet. This suggest that they originated or expended elsewhere. Their lung capacity is significantly less then that of a humanoid but is sufficient for short travel in space.

Post-Warp: Unknown, but from what is known about them no warp capabilities appear present.

History and Other Information: The only currently known history of the Nakurma is they have resided on Aquarna for quite some time. Their indiginence there dates back to the time of the Borg's dominance in the Delta Quadrant. They developed a way to phase the planets physical mass and appearence off of our known plane of existence to protect themselves from any Borg incursions. The Nakurma had studied the Federation's presence in the Delta Quadrant for a number of years before finally making first contact in 2386 with the USS Talisman-A.