The Demonicans

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Name: Demonicans

Home Position: Wunar II, Wunar Star System, Unall Sector (Sector 002D, Grid 028, Dead Center.)

Class: Bi-Pedal Humanoid

Allegiance: Neutral

Technological Notes: Technology seems to be just under that of the Federation's standards, as they fall short in the matters of interstellar travel. The most sophisticated form of space travel the Demonicans have are long range sleeper ships, similar to those use after the Eugenics wars.

Society Classification: Technological/Industrial. The Demonicans place a high priority on their technological leaps and the production of their various industries. The Demonicans have several trade agreements with several races, including the Valborians and Zenatai. Their homeworld and one other in the Wunar system is very rich with a variety of resources both native only to the Wunar system, and found elsewhere in the galaxy, such as Dilithium.

Society Government System: Municipal. The Demonicans have no set government, and they govern themselves in smaller groupings. These "townships" are completely independant and could be looked at by outsiders as "mini-governemnts".

Date of Contact: 110710

Appearance Notes: The Demonicans stand at the same standard height as humans do at approximatley 6'. Their epidermal layer is a greyish color with no body hair on their anatomy. Their eyes are solid black and somewhat large in comparrison to other races. They wear shoulder guards to give protection for their fraile shoulder joints. They also wear a device around their neck that regulates their respiratory system. This device gives them the ability to adapte to just about any atmospheric enviroment. The device on their arm also serves a similar purpose, controling and regulating body temperature, autonominc nerve functions, and responses to stimuli just to name a few.

Medical Notes: The Demonicans most notable medical precept is their method of reproduction. Demonicans do not reproduce the same way as humans. As they have no reproductive organs to speak of, Demonicans use genetics to reproduce. A male and a female (gender seperated by only a couple anatomical differences) go to one of several fertility centers. Genetic specialists then splice togeather samples of DNA from both the prospective mother and father, and from this the newborn Demonican is created and incubated to term which takes roughly seven months and three weeks by our calander. Other medical notes have been previously stated under Appearence.

Post-Warp: N. As previously indicated, the Demonicans most advanced method of travel is through the use of long range cryo-stasis sleeper ships. They have conducted manned voyages outside their home system, which is how Starfleet's long range probe was discovered. They have not as of yet mastered the mechanics of warp theory.

History and Other Information: The Demonicans exist as a society of independantly govern'd people. They have no single governmental structure, and each living sect we would normally regard as a township has its own laws and regulations complete with leadership. Through their history, there have been wars amoungst living sects, though they have been brief. Their main basis of economical stability comes in their trade agreements with other races. Their system is rich with a variety of resources both found only in the Wunar system and elsewhere in the galaxy. They also produce a small amount of products sought after by other races, such as buildings and power systems. They try to exist peacefully, both amoungst themselves and with the few other races they have encountered.

While the Demonicans have yet to master warp theory, they have traveled outside their home system and made contact with other alien races, including the Federation. First contact with the Federation was made in 2386 on stardate 110710 by the USS Talisman-A on orders from Starfleet command, and which the mission and first contact was under the command of Commander Lans Starsider, acting first officer.

Initial contact did not go too well due to the actions of the Talisman-A' former Chief of Operations. The officer took Ambassador N'Diffon's words and tone as threats and made serveral in return. Commander Starsider was able to salvage diplomatic relations with the Demonicans after ordering the officer back to the ship. It wasn't until one week later after Captain Jackson T. Jayaram returned from leave that relations became much smoother. The Demonicans way of agreeing to peace is unique, as they take DNA samples from the residing Demonican ambassador and the leader of the race they are forming an alliance or treaty with and create a child. This newborn is referred to as the "Peace Child" and to the Demonicans it is a symbol of strength for the treaty. The Federation and the Talisman specifically were able to avoid this step.

The Melnovan Consortium had been taking Demonicans off Wunar II for some time, presumably for use as slave labor. The Talisman intervened and stopped the Melnovan ship that had entered the system from taking any more Demonicans off of Wunar II. This only served to weaken an already shakey relationship with the current Melnovan government, however it solidified relations with the Demonicans.