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'A good Fleet is not a provocation to war. It is the surest guaranty of peace'
Task Force Two
General Data
*Fleet Affiliation: United Federation Starfleet
*Founded: 2387
*Status: Active
*Location: Pinastri
*Homebase: SS Alexandria
Fleet Command
*Fleet Commander: Morath Landfall
*Fleet Executive Officer: Michel Rosenstrauch


Task Force Two is generally the Task Force that is in charge of training and protecting the Academy. In 2387 Task Force 2 was established to protect SS Alexandria which is located in orbit of Pinastri VII. Over the last few years, UFS Command had grown concerned about the number of incidents and breaches of security aboard SS Alexandria which was the main base of UFS Academy. In order to protect cadets and establish a more stable presence in the system, the new flagship USS Taylorholic Durant was constructed to oversee the Academy and act as Fleet Admiral Mike Calhoun's personal command ship since the loss of the USS Aviator-A.

Today Alexandria is more heavily protected then ever before, with the USS Taylorholic Durant also serving in a academic capacity to help organise cadets and provide experience to those that need it. The USS Menelaus was also added to this fleet to increase protection and maintain in contact with SS Alexandria as a first indication of any threats heading into the Pinastri System.

The 2nd Task Force consists of 2 other "player controlled" chapters and a supply of NPC Ships are also available for added mission support.


Task Force Two has been assigned the function of protect UFS Academy and the hundreds of cadets that join SS Alexandria every year. This makes this Task Force one of the most important and critical positions in UFS so a large fleet was necessary to protect SS Alexandria Station and the Academy.

Many other ships have joined the Task Force in order to provide defensive measures to the lightly armed SS Alexandria including the new Flagship of United Federation Starfleet, the USS Taylorholic Durant and the legendary USS Menelaus along with other vessels such as USS Caracas and the USS Yurei which have all served with distinction in UFS over the years.

Fleet Command Staff

UFS Command Personnel

Task Force 2 Command Personnel

Fleet Elements

SS Alexandria - Command and Academic Operations

SS Alexandria is a Jupiter Class Station which serves as home for both a scientific presence and United Federation Starfleet Academy. This station is critical to UFS's long term survival and serves as one of the most highly defended stations within the Pinastri System. Under the command of Captain Morath Landfall, the station is responsible for coordinating the constant flow of shuttle traffic between the Academy and the rest of the Pinastri System.

Being on the edge of the system, SS Alexandria will be the first to be able to detect incoming threats to UFS. Although, not well armed, the station possess one of the best communication and long range sensors within United Federation Starfleet. The station is fitted with numerous Academic Facilities including classroom and holodecks which can be locked down during an emergency to protect the number of cadets that study on the station.

USS Taylorholic Durant - Scientific and Academic Operations

Named after valued UFS Admiral, Taylorholic Durant who tragically passed away. The Luna Class Starship, USS Taylorholic Durant serves as a shining example of both scientific and academic progress within United Federation Starship over the years. The ship serves a unique role under the command of Fleet Admiral Mike Calhoun, as it is both the new flagship for United Federation Starfleet, taking over from the missing USS Aviator-A which was lost in early 2387 but since has returned to the fleet and also serving as a cadet training vessel, offering services to any cadets who wish to gain more experience.

The USS Taylorholic Durant is a fully capable science ship with some of the best sensor arrays available to modern day starships. The ship is currently busy in analysing scientific anomalies in the Pinastri System to add to our knowledge of the system.

USS Menelaus - Tactical Operations

Commanded by Captain Ezra Sweet, the legendary USS Menelaus is one of the longest serving ships currently in UFS today. The USS Menelaus is a Prometheus Class Starship fitted with the powerful Multi-Vector Assault Mode which allows the ship to split into three parts, becoming three individual warp capable modules capable of dealing with most modern tactical situations. The USS Menelaus has an extensive history within UFS and has been responsible for several first contacts, defense of UFS borders and a mission history spanning back several years.

The USS Menelaus became a welcome addition to Task Force 2, although a Deep Space Vessel, the USS Menelaus is one of the most dependable tactical ships within UFS and serves SS Alexandria in both a defensive and advanced scout capacity.