Strategic Operations Officer

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The Strategic Operations Officer serves under the Office of the Chief of UF Starfleet Operations to ADVISE on all Starfleet activity within a specified sector or Quadrant, depending on the level of local activity. In addition, the Strategic Operations Officer also works with a number of other divisions to ensure that the Fleet Strategist can fulfil the obligations of their office.

A Strategic Operations Officer will, like the Yeoman, remain within the Operations Division but serve under the Chief of UF Starfleet Operations.





  • Introduction to UF Starfleet
  • Protocols and Procedures
  • History of UFS I
  • History of UFS II
  • Introduction to UFS Operations
  • Command Protocols: Starbase and Starship Command I
  • Introduction to UFS Command
  • Bridge Duty Stations


  • Prime Directive I
  • Prime Directive II
  • Introduction to UFS Communications

Suggestions (Not Required)

  • Mentally Tact



  • Simulator Training 6 hrs


  • Additional Simulator Training

Suggestions (Not Required)

  • Further Simulator Training

'Minimum Time in Service

  • Ensign


No reprimands on service record

Good behavior and reputation

Knowledgeable as to Ship and Station Missions