SS Tranquility Station Operations Manual

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Written by:<br\>


Last Revision Stardate: 090108<br\> Intended Audience: SS Tranquility Personnel<br\> Reviewing Authority: UF Starfleet Operations<br\>


The purpose of this note is to familiarize you with how things will work on the station. I want to be sure that we are all on the same page with everything we do so things can run as smoothly as possible, So lets jump right in

Facility Activities


It is my hope that the Senior Staff will meet once a month to discuss ideas and concerns in an open forum. I will personally be meeting with all Senior Staff members weekly to talk about anything and everything. This will help keep everyone in the know. Of course I am always willing to talk at anytime, and you can IM me or page me at my mailbox which is located by the turbolift in OPS. I would also like the Senior Staff members to try to meet with everyone in their dept. once a month as well. This way they can bring any ideas or concerns from there own dept meeting to the Senior Staff meetings.


Senior Staff members are asked to actively recruit people whenever possible. This could be as simple as posting the positions they have open on the forums or actively talking with cadets and officers directly. The goal is to get a fulltime staff on the station and that will require alot of people from every dept. It is up to the dept heads to accept or deny applications. Once you have accepted it contact myself, or XO for final approval and to have them added to the group. If you deny it please also contact myself or the XO and state the reasons why.


I will leave it up to the individual dept heads to create positions within their own dept. For example Medical can have doctors, nurses, surgeons, etc. The goal is to create so many jobs for each dept we have trouble filling them. I want everyone to feel like they are contributing in their own special way.

Weekly Reports

All Senior Staff members will file a weekly status report with me to be posted on the forums. This will be a basic summary of all the events from your specific dept the past week. We will operate on a Monday to Sunday week, meaning reports should be turned as early as Monday and detail the last weeks events.

Monthly Reports

I am requesting that all dept heads put together a monthly report much like how the branch commanders do for the main group. I have included a notecard with a blank one to use as a template.

Personal Logs

Everyone assigned to the station will be required to post personal logs in here . They dont have to be long and detailed. This is mainly to show that the station is active and creat a bit more RP for all the staff as well.

Daily Logs

If you take a shift in Ops you will be required to fill out a notecard with information on what happened during your shift, this will be specific to your dept. So if you are an engineer on the station your log would contain information about engineering only. Attached is a template for this as well. 􀀁 These logs will be use by myself and dept heads to file weekly status reports.

Daily Status Reports

This will be posted on the forums usually by the person who was in charge of Ops during the daily RP. It will detail any events ongoing from the past report and also include anything relevant from the RP that day. This should be posted as soon as possible after the the RP has finished. Its mainly to be used by Mission Command to keep up on current events on the station, but also useful to the Station in letting people know whats being repaired or damaged or anyting else specific to be considered in the next days RP. Theses are posted in the Command Memos Section, here is a link, .

Duty Hour Requirements

All crew members will be required to work at least 4 hours per week in Ops and record their time. This means you can work 4 hours in one day or spread it out over the entire week. This requirement will be strictly enforced. Remember as a crew member on Tranquility you are the bridge crew and your main duty as such is to work in Ops. Mission Command Roleplays will not count towards your required time in Ops. To record your time simply fill out the following notecard and return it to my mailbox. 􀀂

These rules and guidelines may be amended from time to time, and any changes will immediately be sent out. Also failure to follow these rules may result in your being removed from not only your position but also Tranquility.

After reading this please sign and date this attached notecard and send to Lt. Commander Chad Hoorenbeek Lt. Kinney Randt