Quarters Deck - USS Durant

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The Quaters Deck - USS Durant are the newest condo's within UFS in sector 001. If you use Emdash you can access them there otherwise you can use the transporters in the Welcome Center of UFS.

The prices here are:

  • Class 4 Condos (XL) - 30 prims - L$500/month
  • Class 4b Condos (XL) - 40 prims - L$750/month


Here you can see a few pictures of the Class 4 and Class 4b condo's. Please don't hesitate to contact one of the Condo managers for an appointment to visit them.

Class 4 & 4b condo

  • Livingroom 4b condo


  • Livingroom 4 condo


  • Bedroom


  • Bathroom with sonic shower

Bathroom with sonic shower.jpg