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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Talisman A Missions
*Production number: TAL-RP020
*Initiated: 101116
*Ended: 101116
*Year: 2385
*Previous Mission: Keep Your Friends Close...Pt 4
*Next Mission: Fade Out, Fade In
*SIM Concept: Hitman Jayaram

Captain's Log

  • computer begins recording*

Captain's log, stardate 101116.1218. We have been continuing our pursuit of the Klingon Warship Du'Quh for a week now. The plasma trail in which we were following has grown cold, but we believe we know where Warfin is heading. We have set course for the Dukatano Asteroid Belt. Asteroids have been known to house base installations many times in the past. Even if they have no base of operations within the belt, remaining cloaked amoung the asteroids would serve to increase our difficulty in locating the Du'Quh. Outside of that Warfin's final destination still remains a mystery to us. I will not rest, however, until we learn what it is.

  • computer ends recording*

Event's Summary

The USS Talisman had caught up to the Klingon vessel Du'Quh on stardate 101116 inside of an asteroid field. The plasma trail led them to a large asteroid inside the middle of the field where an asteroid base had been discovered. With all crew pronounced healthy and fit for duty following the previous incident with Dr. Warfin, an away team was sent down to the base led by Lieutenant Commander Brandi Meredith. Joining the commander on this mission would be Lieutenant Commander Ryan Nadir, Lieutenant Lisette Rae and Lieutenant Akara Dover in hopes of finally stopping the renegade doctor and his newfound Klingon allies. During the course of the away mission, Lt. Cmdr. Nadir and Lt. Dover had dissappeared and the away team was immediatley called back to the ship. Lt. Cmdr. Jackson T. Jayaram made the decision to personally lead teh second away team, believing it to be his responsibility to recover the missing crew he'd sent in the first place. He transported to the base with Lieutenant Commander Lans Starsider and Lieutenant Phoenix Finistair.

A thorough search of the base led to discovereing a hidden chamber. Inside Dr. Warfin was holding the missing crew members in preperation for some type of unknown experiment. Before a plan of action could be determined, the away team was discovered and came under fire from Dr. Warfin. After a brief firefight, Dr. Warfin and fired a projectile weapon which struck Lt. Cmdr. Jayaram. Dr. Warfin fled the base and the Klingon warship Du'Quh decloaked and departed the system, getting away once again.

The Talisman crew members on the surface were beamed directly to sickbay, where Lt. Cmdr. Jayaram would be presumed dead. The projectile that had been embeded in his armor and slightly penetrated his skin had appeared to have vaporized him. It would be several weeks before the truth of the incident would be revealed.