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"Trial by Fire"
General Data
*SIM Type: Random Cross-Region Roleplay
*Production number: ALE-RP002
*Initiated: 101216
*Ended: 101216
*Year: 2385
*Aliens: Orion
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Groundbreak
*Next Mission: Inner Fire
*SIM Concept: Jadia Triellis
*Historian: Verbum Willowind

The crew of SS Alexandria are put to the test when the Yoeman to Commander Jadia Triellis, Crewman Muffy Endsliegh is abducted by visiting Orions on Alexandria Station.

Post-Station Log

Computer Begin Recording

Station Log

Stardate: 101216

Location: SS Alexandria - Near Pinastri VII

I was awoken from my slumber to find my LCARS console beeping at me. I had recieved an urgent communication from Commander Jadia Triellis who informed me that while I slept, her Yoeman, a Crewman Muffy Endsleigh had gone missing on Alexandria during a meeting with Orion representatives. The Commander was notably livid about the whole event and was annoyed that there had not been more security measures on Alexandria that had been put in place to prevent this. I considered providing an explanation to this that included that because our new security personnel had only been posted to the station last week, we had not had time to go over the security procedures needed for Alexandria. However I chose not to mention this to the Commander because I did not want to be seen as making excuses.

After I had got up from my quarters and proceeded to Ops to rally Alexandria's crew. I was immediately alerted to a communication from a Lieutenant Graeme Debbel who was serving as Chief of Security aboard the USS Aviator-A. He requested an urgent meeting with me, in which I transported him aboard Alexandria and proceed to my office.

Lieutenant Debbel was most helpful in giving me a briefing on events occuring in the Pinasti system. He informed me that USS Aviator-A had rescued some Orion girls from a vessel during their return journey to Pinastri. During which time the Yoeman had met with the representatives of the Orion's Sword group on Alexandria however during the encounter, the Yoeman had dissapeared.

Lieutenant Debbel then offer to help with our investigation in the missing Yoeman and once he had cleared this with Commander Tyrellium he was temporarily assigned to Alexandria to assist with the investigation. It was during this meeting the Doctor Morath Landfall arrived to assist.

We immediately began work under the presumption that Crewman Endsliegh had been taken against her will and transported off Alexandria. The Transporter logs retrieved by Lieutenant Debbel indicated that two unathorised transports had been made, one beaming two humanoids into Alexandria and the one was four humanoids beaming off the station. Doctor Landfall used the Cadet Physical profile of Crewman Endsliegh, which contained a DNA sample to use Alexandria's internal sensors to locate her DNA. We discovered that her DNA was found on Enterprise Classroom Deck on the 002 side of the station.

Lieutenant Debbel was able to identify, through use of the bio-filter's recognition protocols that two Orions had transported aboard and three Orions and one Human had been transported off the station.

I immediately contacted Commander Triellis and explained the situation who ordered us to keep investigation and find out where Crewman Endsliegh had been taken. Further analysis of the transport indicated that the Yoeman had been transported to a vessel 5000km of Alexandria's port side. However it was unclear why our sensors were unable to detect their presence, we suspect that the vessel was using either sensor masking technology or was cloaked.

However the vessel did leave one clue... a localised subspace distortion which when compared to later scans routine preformed on Alexandria yielded that it was moving. Using this we were able to chart the vessels course when they left the station on a bearing of 330 Mark 15. I immediately contacted Command and suggested that a ship be dispatched immediately.

During this time, we recieved an transmission from Ensign Decimuss Silverweb who transported himself and one of the Orion survivors to sickbay. The female seemed to be suffering for minor memory loss and seemed highly agitated and scared. After calming her, I was able to ask her some questions about herself.

I also asked Doctor Morath to preform an ARA response analysis to see if was telling the truth about her answers, it seemed the logical thing to do considering the circumstances. She revealed that her name was Mera and she had been travelling on a ship that was at a planet when she was attacked in a marketplace. She was brought aboard another vessel, commanded by a male. It appeared as if she had been sold into slavery and she claimed that she knew or heard nothing about the dissapearance of Crewman Endsleigh.

After the Doctor informed me that she had passed the ARA and was recovered enough to travel. I decided to take her to SS Tranquility which was better equipped to accomodate her as we arranged to contact her ship. The USS Thames proved useful as a means of travel again and I delivered her to Tranquility where I hope she will be safe for the rest of her journey home.

End Station Log


((Events are covered in the Captain's Log Above due to the random nature of this Roleplay))