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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Talisman A Missions
*Production number: TAL-RP043
*Initiated: 110710
*Ended: 110710
*Year: 2386
*Previous Mission: Same Enemies
*Next Mission: Healing Touch
*SIM Concept: Hitman Jayaram

Captain's Log

  • computer begins recording*

Captain's log, stardate 110710.1355. Chief Science Officer Lans Starsider recording. With the captain and our CMO currently on leave, I have temporarily assumed command of the ship. We are en route to a system in the Unell sector to investigate signals detected by a long range probe. Given that these signals didn't show up on our last pass through the sector, its unknown what might be waiting for us. The system itself showed no previous signs of inhabitable planets in the past, so possibly the probe made contact with an unknown ship, but we should know more soon enough.

  • computer ends recording*

Event Summary

On stardate 110710, the USS Talisman made first contact with the Demonicans of Wunar II. Talisman made contact with what we first thought was a large orbital facility but later learned was actually a generational colony ship. This was the source of the signals picked up by the probe. Ensign Spock Jupiter detected minimal life signs aboard, and, with a lack of established communications, the decision was made to investigate. The transporter beam was apparently redirected to a small facility on the surface of the nearby planet. It was there that contact was made after a bit of translation problems which unfortunately, never completely cleared up, with Ambassador N'Diffon of the Demonicans. They had apparently already studied the probe enough to know about the Federation, and a bit of our technology. He spoke of wishing to open trade agreements with Starfleet, and during introductions, he also identified the 'facility' above as the generational ship we now know it to be. They expressed interest in trading dilithium and other items for items from us. Items such as food, information...and technology.

The missteps continued as several questions seemed to cause insult, as apparently talking details about the trade isn't done until after an agreement to trade is ratified first. This is where the biggest misunderstanding occurred. A complete understanding of things requires a bit of understanding of Demonican culture. The Demonicans seems to have a form of caste system, which they call 'sects.' For example, the Build sect built the facility on the surface specifically as a meeting place, the Science sect had worked out the basics of the trade intent agreement, and the Ambassador was part of the 'Honor sect' which was charged with presenting it to us. The second part needed to be mentioned is part of how they solidify agreements. It seems they take DNA samples from both parties to combine into a genetically engineered hybrid; a living symbol of the peace agreement. They call it a 'peace child'.

It was at this point that Commander Starsider made the decision to return to the ship to consulte with Starfleet command, as he did not feel he was fully equipped to deal with the situation. This had unintentionally caused insult to the Demonican ambassador. Unfortunately, due to the still 'fuzzy' translations, Lieutenant Alexander Gavilan misinterpreted the Ambassador's indignity for threats and started making a few of his own. Commander Starsider was forced to send him back to the ship, and then managed to explain his reasons to the ambassador, which he, reluctantly accepted. Ensign Jupiter then made a suggestion to help smooth things over. Since they'd expressed interest in our food, he had a small selection of samples sent over, all checked for chemical computability so as to not accidentally end up poisoning someone. This went over somewhat well, though they have insisted that Lieutenant Gavilan not take place in any further interactions. After, the away team were able to return to the ship where detailed scans of the Demonican ship and other facilities were orderded. The Talisman remained in orbit through the week.