Law of the Jungle

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Law of the Jungle
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Talisman A Missions
*Production number: TAL-RP037
*Initiated: 110515
*Ended: 110515
*Year: 2386
*Previous Mission: Old Friends
*Next Mission: Dire Times
*SIM Concept: Hitman Jayaram

Captain's Log

  • computer begins recording*

Captain's log, stardate 110515.1209. We are still trapped within the massive living alien vessel with no sign's of getting out anytime soon. Our communications are still being blocked and we've yet to locate Lt. Commander Meredith. Matters continue to worsen as the Relknoks continue to wear on our shields with their beam. It is believe to be a shield inversion beam similiar to what the Borg used in their arsenal. In the last incursions, another six went missing with five more wounded. Lt. Commander Finistair is having a more difficult time keeping the shields maintained with the drain this inversion beam is causing on the warp core. However, I believe it is time to go on the offense. I will be sending in two teams into the Relknoks vessel at 1730 hours. I will lead one team in an attempt to rescue Commander Meredith, and Lt. Commander Starsider will lead the other in an attempt to try and ascertain what is holding the ship here, how to disable it, and how to escape while hopefully learning a thing or two about the Relknoks in the process. I hope we can be successful and get out of this living hell.

  • computer ends recording*

Events Summary

The USS Talisman remained trapped inside the Relknok worldship on stardate 110515. During the course of time from their capture, the Relknok's collapsed the ship's shields several times and made incursions onto the Talisman, leaving a number dead, taken, or wounded. The crew of the Talisman began to plan for an offensive maneuver to find a way out of the ship and rescue Lt. Commander Meredith. Two away teams went into the worldship to complete these objectives. The first was led by Lt. Commander Lans Starsider, with Lieutenant Alexander Gavilan accompanying him. The second away team led by Captain Jackson T. Jayaram with Ensign Jayce Raymaker with him follwed in once the insertion site was deemed clear. Once on board, the two teams split and began to carry out their respective objectives. It wouldn't be long before the first away team was overwhelmed by the Relknok's and taken prisoner. The second away team managed to elude capture and take cover while they tried to devise a way to rescue the capture officers. The Talisman was unable to beam the away teams out during this time due to a systems overload of the EPS grid. The overload was attributed to the shield inversion beam the Relknok's were using to wear down the ship's shields.

While stranded on the ship, Captain Jayaram and Ensign Raymaker worked feverishly to resuce their comrades as they were being subjected to interrogation. Phasers were not appeasring to have any effect on the Relknok's, so it was left to hand-to-hand combat for any chance of survival. While the second away team was able to dispatch a few Relknok's, Ensign Raymaker was eventually stunned, and Captain Jayaram sustained minor injuries. Before the second away team coud be taken into custody, the Talisman was able to beam them back. The away teams were brought directly to sickbay, not having completed any of their objectives. The failed offensive attempt left the Talisman still trapped inside the Relknoks worldship.