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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Talisman A Missions
*Production number: TAL-RP022
*Initiated: 101207
*Ended: 101207
*Year: 2385
*Previous Mission: Fade Out, Fade In
*Next Mission: Cross-Referenced Pt 1
*SIM Concept: Hitman Jayaram

Captain's Log

  • computer begins recording*

Captain's log, stardate 101207.1655. We will be arriving in the system where we believe Warfin will attempt to usurpe control of a fleet of dormant "Doomsday" machines. We are lightyears away from the nearest Federation support and treading into unknown waters. We will make a final last stand against him. If we fail here, I fear that the Federation will fall in this quadrant. It is imperrative that we succeed here today. To expedite this, I have arranged for some.....backup.

  • computer ends recording*

Event's Summary

A year long conflict with renegade terrorist Dr. David Warfin had come to a conclusion on stardate 101207. The USS Talisman had arrived in a remote system in the Delta Quadrant's outer most regions after recovering its captain Lt. Cmdr. Jackson T. Jayaram. Lt. Cmdr. Jayaram brought back with him the intent of Dr. Warfin. Having been deposited twenty-five years into the future, Warfin's plans became quite clear. After a brief explination by rebel resistence leader "General Jadia Triellis", Lt. Cmdr. Jayaram made efforts to return back to his time to stop Warfin from succeeding. Upon his return, the captain revealed that Dr. Warfin had somehow managed to pinpoint the original point of trajectory of the first encountered "Doomsday Machine" and set out to harness the power of it. The Talisman entered into a star system that housed a horror that had rarley ever been witnessed. Near the fourth planet of the system was a construction and dock yard housing hundreds of these deadly machines.

These machines were created by a race of beings known as the Telnavians. These beings of great technology were involved in an interstellar war with a race called the Nu'Zekia. In the end, the Telnavians were victorious in the war. However, they were eradicated by their own monsterous creation. One of the last remaining active Planet Killers destroyed the Telnavian homeworld, and some eight billion Telnavians with it. From there on, it wandered the galaxy, until destroyed by the USS Enterprise in 2267. The technology that brought these creations about was thought to be long lost, until Dr. Worfin discovered it, and learned of its location through his journies.

The Talisman had detected a strange power source eminating from the planet that was being routed to a distribution array within the dockyard. The Talisman moved into transporter range and an away team beamed to the surface. The ancient facility once used by the Telnavian's was still standing an operable. The away team, led by Lt. Cmdr. Jackson T. Jayaram and consisting of Lieutenant Commander Lans Starsider, Lieutenant Commander Shaun Dixon, Lieutenant Commander Ryan Nadir, Dr. Genna Thiemen-Jayaram and Lieutenant Phoenix Finistair, discovered that Warfin had been able to decipher the controls of the facility and activate it. It was believed that this facility was what activated the Doomsday Machines above and was in the process of doing so. The away team was able to destroy the facility, but not before one Planet Killer was activated.

The away team promptly returned to the ship, and upon their return were confronted by the Klingon vessel Du'Quh. Warfin had rallied most of the House of Korgath with the promise of power, domination, and glorly and the Talisman was now facing down twelve other renegade Klingon vessels. The Talisman had its own reinforcements though, as the ship was supported by Lt. Cmdr. Jayaram's surrogate brother Captain Ka'Moc of the Klingon Expedition Force. The battle ensued, and there were heavy losses on both sides. With the battle going on, the Planet Killer began to move unnoticed.

The Planet Killer began by breaking up and consuming the planet that housed the activation facilities, thus now preventing the remaining planet killers from being activated. The machine promptly turned on the fighting starships, and damaged a number of the remaining vessels. The Talisman, though heavily damaged, tractored in the now derelict Du'Quh and slung the ship into the machines maw. In conjuntion with the slingshot, the Talisman came hard about and ejected its warp core into the maw behind the Du'Quh and all remaining allied vessels unloaded a large volley of torpedoes. The resulting explosion had shattered the planet killer and the debris struck the Talisman. Despite the heavy amounts of damage the ship took, the Talisman and it's crew survived and stopped Dr. Warfin's plan from unfolded. The Talisman was taken into tow and was brought back to Pinastri by the USS Goddard.