Keep Your Friends Close...Pt 3

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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Talisman A Missions
*Production number: TAL-RP018
*Initiated: 101102
*Ended: 101102
*Year: 2385
*Previous Mission: Keep Your Friends Close...Pt 2
*Next Mission: Keep Your Friends Close...Pt 4
*SIM Concept: Hitman Jayaram

Captain's Log

  • Computer begin recording*

First Officer's log, stardate 101102.2030. We maintained orbit around the M class planet while we continued detailed scans of it and it was determined it would be safe to proceed with a brief away mission to gain samples of the rocks and plant life, all sensors indicated no human life forms but animal, and those were confirmed shortly after the away team landed, they managed to gather some samples until Ensign Mcgill happened to step on a nest of spiders which provoked them to attack, she was the worst affected all tho commander Starsider and Lt Nadir did sustain a few bites, they were immidiately beamed back aboard and to sick bay for treatment, i myself examined the bites and notices they were familiar, tho i had not seen them since being home on Azeroth, the ship was then searched to make sure none were transported back with the team, we noted on the records for that planet it contained hostile spiders, and will have the other information gathered from the samples added as it is done, with that i have ordered the ship to depart for the next planet.

we have just reached Corwin lV and entered standard orbit Beta shift will be instructed to begin scans and to pay close attention for similarities so that should we decide on another away mission we will not be so shocked at what we find as with this one.

  • computer ends recording*

Event's Summary

With Lt. Cmdr. Jackson T. Jayaram away with Doctor Genna Thiemen-Jayaram attending to the condition that had befallen her, Lt. Cmdr. Brandi Meredith continued to lay in motion a plan from an unknown source. She discretley operated while the ship and its crew carried out it's normal functions and everything went unnoticed. The only thing of note was the minor energy surge that kept appearing on sensors periodically. No explination had as of yet been attached to the phenomenon. An away team had been dispatched to Corwin III for a deeper look at the planet. The away team, comprised of Lieutenant Commander Lans Starsider, Lieutenant Commander Ryan Nadir, Ensign Lisette Rae, and Ensign Tess McGill began their investigation of the planet. Lt. Cmdr. Nadir was collecting soil and vegetation samples when Ens. McGill inadvertantly treaded into a nest of arachnid-type creatures. The away team was quickly overwhelmed and in a struggle for their lives. They managed to fend off the attack, with minor bite injuries to Lt. Cmdr.'s Nadir and Starsider. Ens. McGill was not as fortunate though, as she sustained numerous bites and suffered an allergic reaction. The away team was immediately beamed to sickbay and Ens. McGill was treated for Anaphylactic Shock by Ens. Rae. Ens. McGill made a full recovery, and Commander's Nadir and Stasider were treated for minor injuriese as well. As all this went on, Lt. Cmdr. Meredith began final preperations to launch the trap being layed, bringing several more of the Talisman's crew under her control.