Inner Fire

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"When your resolve breaks..."
General Data
*SIM Type: Cross-Region Roleplay
*Production number: ALE-RP004
*Initiated: 101230
*Ended: 101230
*Year: 2385
*Aliens: Etherium Monarchy, Argussian Federation
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Calculated Response
*Next Mission: Inner Will
*SIM Concept: Verbum Willowind
*Historian: Verbum Willowind

Another seemingly strange Orion ship appears however the crew learn that dissent is much closer to home.


Computer, Begin Recording

Station Log

Stardate: 101220

Location: Starbase Alexandria - Pinastri System

Its been a hard week on Alexandria, we have been refitting several of the older systems and upgrades. I have spoken to Captain Nu'Daq Torg of the USS Ferasa about the strange crash site that we found on Armagosa III and he has agreed to take the Ferasa there and investigate for us. I concluded that due to the distance between Alexandria and Armagosa and the problems that we faced last time we were there, it would be better to have a fully manned and powered Starship return to investigate.

The good news is that our new "Hyper" communication area is working allowing us to community with most of the 4th Fleet in the area. We have not been able to decrypt the strange signal that we've picked up but over the course of the week, this signal has appeared a total of 8 times.

I must admit, it's a little worrying. However at the moment we are focusing on the upgrades to our power systems. Currently we are waiting for the return of the USS Ferasa with more information...


SS Alexandria was conducting repairs their hull after yesturday's battle with the mysterious Orion vessel. Repairs were proceeding normally and both Engineer Lieutenant Commander Lan Nakajima and Science Officer Ensign Sephiroth Macbain were convinced that they could be completed on schedual, assigning workbees to the parts of the Academy that had sustained damage during an attack.

Vice Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Morath Landfall however was concerned about the behaviour of the Commanding Officer, Ensign Verbum Willowind and was convinced that he was acting out of the ordinary. His suspicions were made apparent when the Commander asked "How much gas could be rerouted through the environmental systems to incapcitate the crew?"

When asked why he wanted to know, the Commander simply stated that he would check to see if the Environmental systems were not damaged presently. During that time, another strange vessel of Orion design appeared to unmask on Alexandria. The Commander had previously ordered that the phaser array be taken offline for maintainance in which the Chief of Security, Ensign Christian Forsythe did not comply with.

However, caught unprepared, Alexandria did not have time to raise it's shields before a plasma weapon pierced into the station. The damage caused massive damage to the stations EPS systems resulting in severe system and computer damage. It was at this time, Commander Willowind proceeded to the USS Thames on Alexandria's shuttlebay.

Ensign Forsythe attempted to stop him however he was shot by the Commander's phaser in which Doctor Landfall was duty obligued to tend to the wounded Ensign first and leave the Commander to escape Alexandria in the USS Thames which immediately went to warp. The unknown attacker, that was caught in a tractor beam by Alexandria also turned and powered up warp engines.

The responsibility of the station on his shoulders, appointed by Commander Willowind, Lieutenant Commander Nakajima decided to let the ship go due to a feedback pulse that it sent into Alexandria's already crippled EPS system. Lieutenant Commander Nakajima ordered science to track the destination of both ships which had both headed off in the same direction. It was revealed by Ensign MacBain that both ships were heading towards the Pegasus Nebula, the homeworld of Ensign Willowind.

Further scans from a warp probe revealed that the 80 Billion inhabitants of the planet had completely vanished. It was also revealed that Ensign Willowind might have been infected with a microscopic sentient parasitic lifeform called an "Etherium" while on the away mission to Armagosa III. This parasite was able to commandeer the Commander's body and force it to betray starfleet.

Alexandria now stands at a serious situation, due to damage to communications they are unable to call for help or notify Starfleet yet about what has happened. However communications will be operational within a few hours. But with their defenses comprimised, Alexandria could come under attack again...