How to Make Friends and Keep Them

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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Talisman A Missions
*Production number: TAL-RP002
*Initiated: 100109
*Ended: 100109
*Year: 2385
*Next Mission: To Boldly Go.....
*SIM Concept: Hitman Jayaram

The USS Talisman encounters an unknown alien race while charting a new system

Captain's Log

  • computer begins recording*

Second officer's log, stardate 100127.2315

If I may adapt a terran phrase, no matter where you go in the cosmos, it's still a small world. The Talisman approached the Kryanovos sector to continue our survey. Upon entering the Kryanovos Beta system, we detected a series of small satellites in orbit around an oceanic world. No sooner than we began our scans did we encounter the mysterious xenophobic species that uses soliton wave as propulsion.

After the first encounter the Talisman had with them, I was hoping to smooth relations over and open a dialogue. They ignored our hails but sent a text response that they were retrieving their satellites and did not wish us to interfere. We had no reason to interfere with their salvage operation, but I still felt obliged to learn more about them. Alas, any attempts at diplomatic relations were interrupted by a Kazon ship from an unknown sect that entered the area with an aggressive posture.

The kazon opened fire on the Talisman and we were forced to retaliate. The ship was equally matched in terms of armament but rather than beat each other into a pulp, I decided to take a risk on a sly tactic. I had Lieutenant Dixon fire two errant torpedoes that narrowly missed the kazon. Mr. Scaivo then released drive plasma from the nacelle and shut down our weapon grid to give the appearance of being defenseless. After offering our surrender and luring the kazon into trying to board the Talisman, they dropped their shields; at which point, Lt. Dixon snared the dormant torpedoes we purposely misfired with a tractor beam and slung them into their vessel before they could react.

Unfortunately the damage destroyed their vessel leaving no survivors. While it was not my intent to destroy the kazon, I stand by the decisions I made in defense of the Talisman.

The xenophobic species fired up their soliton wave generator and departed amidst the fire fight. Something tells me we'll see them again.

  • computer ends recording*

Events Summary

In 2385 on stardate 100127.1740, The USS Talisman had begun a standard survey of the uncharted Kyrannovos Beta star system in the Kyrannovos sector. While conducting system survey's, the Talisman had again encountered the alien race that utilizes soliton wave energy to traverse space. The race refused to acknowladge hails or responed via voice or visual. A text message had merely been sent requesting that the Talisman not interefere with the retrival of their satilites. The OIC on duty, Lt. Surianna McDunnough, respected their wishes and stayed out of their way, while having Lt. Lans Starsider conduct some scans of the alien race to attempt to learn more about them.

The Talisman's efforts to learn more of this alien race were interrupted when a Kazon Battle cruiser from an unknown sect had arrived and initiated an attack. During the conflict the alien race engaged its soliton wave generator and fled the system. It is unknown at this time where the unknown beings have gone.

The Talisman engaged the Kazon battle cruiser in its own defense. Lt. McDunnough attempted an unorthodox maneuver in an effort to keep from tearing each other apart. On her orders, Lt. Shaun Dixon fired two errant photon torpedoes that narrowly missed the Kazon ship. Lt. Wolf Sciavo then released drive plasma from the nacelle and shut down the Talisman's weapon grid to give the apperance of being disabled. After offering a surrender to the Kazon to lure them in, the Talisman waited until the Kazon dropped their shields to board the ship, at which time Lt. Dixon snared the purpusfully misfired torpedoes and flung them into the Kazon vessel. This maneuver unfortunately destroyed the Kazon ship leaving no survivors, but saved the Talisman with only minro to moderate damage