Healing Touch

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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Talisman A Missions
*Production number: TAL-RP044
*Initiated: 110717
*Ended: 110717
*Year: 2386
*Previous Mission: Misunderstandings
*Next Mission: War Relics
*SIM Concept: Hitman Jayaram

Captain's Log

  • computer begins recording*

Captain's log, stardate 110716.2023. Dr. Jayaram and I have returned to the Talisman and are back to duty. Tomorrow after I have fully reviewed the logs of last weeks encounter with the Demonicans and have had a full briefing, I intend to go to the planet myself to try and smooth relations over thanks to the idiotic andtics of Lieutenant Gavilan. The former Lieutenant has decided that he doesnt care for how things work in Starfleet and as such has resigned his commision. He has departed the Talisman and taken a shuttlecraft back to Pinastri. Hopefully, the next encounter with the Demonicans will go smoother.

  • computer ends recording*

Event Summary

The USS Talisman was still in orbit of Wunar II as of stardate 110717. Captain Jackson T. Jayaram and Commander Genna Thiemen-Jayaram had just returned from leave and learned of the initial encounter with the Demonicans. After reviewing all necessary information and recieving a full briefing from Commander Lans Starsider, the captain contacted Ambassador N'Diffon and met with him on the surface along with new arrivals Ensign Laser T. Rainfall, the Talismans newest security officer, and Esign T'Larea representing science. The away team beamed to the same facility the first team had and met with the ambassador. After formal introductions were made, Ensign T'Larea was permitted to look around the facility and conduct scans.

Captain Jayaram had a long, extensive talk with the ambassador concerning the "peace child" and why most were not willing to give up a sample of their DNA. Ensign's Rainfall and T'Larea offered their views when appropriote as well. During the course of these talks, Commander Lan Starsider reported that a Melnovan heavy cruiser was entering the system at high warp and was on an intercept course for Wunar II. Ambassador N'Diffon informed the away team that the Melnovans had been taking Demonicans away and not returning them. Risking all out war with the Melnovans, Captain Jayaram and the away team returned to the ship, promising the Demonicans assistence. This act went a long way in relations with the Demonicans, so far as to forgo the peace child in the treaty. Once back aboard, the Talisman set course to intercept the Melnovan vessel and determine it's intents.

Once the Talisman intercepted the Melnovan ship, contact was made. The Melnovans claimed the Demonicans of Wunar II as their property. This confirmed the speculation that the Melnovans were taking the Demonicans as slave labor. After refusing to back down from the Melnovans, a hostile engagement ensued. The Talisman was able to disable the Melnovan ship enough to force them to withdraw, however the Melnovans promised serious reprocussions. The Demonicans relayed their gratitude, and the Talisman remained in orbit long enough for Starfleet to increase its presence in that sector and a fully trained ambassador could take over diplomatic talks.