Harvesting Season

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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Talisman A Missions
*Production number: TAL-RP031
*Initiated: 110327
*Ended: 110327
*Year: 2386
*Previous Mission: Life in All Forms
*Next Mission: A Mind of Their Own
*SIM Concept: Hitman Jayaram

Captain's Log

  • computer begins recording*

Captain's log, stardate 110325.1355. The Talisman has intercepted a priority distress signal in the Dactes Sector from the Starship Freedom. The message was heavily garbled and all that could be ascertained from the message was they were being attacked by an outnumbering hostile force. We are moving at maximum warp to aid the Freedom. I only hope that we are not too late as all further attempts at communications have failed.

  • computer ends recording*

Events Summary

On stardate 110327, the USS Talisman was ordered to render aid to the USS Freedom after they intercepted a priority distress signal. The Freedom stated that they were under a heavy attack and needed immediate assistence. Upon reaching the Freedom, the ship had been severely damaged. Life signs across the ship were sporatic and the ship was uninhabitable in certain areas. A search and rescue away team was sent to the Freedom's main bridge. Once there, the away team found two survivors on the bridge which was cut off from the rest of the ship due to the emergency bulkheads. Captain Andrea Garret was found with her helm officer, Ensign Sanders. Both were moderately injured and immediately taken back to the Talisman for treatment. The Talisman's away team continued to investigate as to why the Vaadwuar attacked the Freedom. Most of the ship's computer was inaccessible and little was recovered for information.

The Talisman's rescue teams made an interesting discovery when they found the Freedom's warp core was missing. No signs that the core itself had been jetisoned or breached, and evidence that presented itself suggested the Vaadwuar had removed it for purposes unknown at the time. The Talisman search teams then returned to the ship and prepared to take the Freedom in tow. Any life signs on board the Freedom were transported to the cargo bays of the Talisman, were medical teams were standing by to initiate emergency triage procedures. The Talisman then began to tow the Freedom to the Unall sector where they rendezvous'd with the USS Maia and the USS Vega to take the Freedom back to Cascadia shipyards and her crew back to Pinastri for further treatment. The Talisman proceeded to investigate the Vaadwuar's activity in the sector after completing their rendezvous with the rescue ships.