Gone Fishin'

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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Talisman A Missions
*Production number: TAL-RP046
*Initiated: 110731
*Ended: 110731
*Year: 2386
*Previous Mission: War Relics
*Next Mission: [[]]
*SIM Concept: Hitman Jayaram

Captain's Log

  • computer begins recording*

Captain's log, stardate 110729.1900. Starfleet command has issued orders for us to investigate the disappearence of the USS Bonefish. Her last reported location was approximatley 4.3 LY's rimward of our present location. We are diverting course to begin our search. The coordinates provided by Starfleet are within the Jalno star system. Within the system, long range sensors have detected five planets, one of which is M-Class. If the Bonefish went down or had to abandon ship, that planet is the likely place the surviving crew would be. We will begin our investigation there. Hopefully, we wont be met with bad news.

  • computer ends recording*

Event Summary

On stardate 110729, the USS Talisman recieved orders to proceed to 4.3 lightyears rimward of their current location to begin investigating the dissappearance of the USS Bonefish. The Talisman departeed immediatly and arrived on stardate 110731. The Talisman began their investigation at Jalno III, the only M-Class planet in the Jalno system. An away team was dispatched to the planets surface where ruins that were linked to the Nu'Zekia, a long extinct race, were discovered. As the away team began looking over the ruins and searching for signs of the Bonefish's crew, they were attacked by an arachnid-like animal lifeform indigenious to Jalno III. The away team was immediatley extracted to sickbay where they were treated for injuries. The bites of the creatures appeared to be venemous, as the away team began loosing function of their bodies and paralysis began to set in.

An away team could not be sent back to retrieve a venom sample to create a reagent however due to a distress call sent from the reclusive Zenatai, a race friendly to the Federation. Not much was gotten out of the distress call, only that they were in need of help. The Talisman moved to intercept and once they arrived found a Melnovan heavy cruiser engaging a Zenatai light cruiser. The Talisman maneuvered themselves between the Melnovan and Zenatai ships and made contact with the Melnovans. The Melnovans claimed that the Zenatai attacked them without provocation and ordered the Talisman not to interfere. Captain Jackson T. Jayaram gave the Melovan captain the stipulation that they would leave only if they could prove their claims. The Melnovans were unwilling to do so and attacked the Talisman. Despite that the Talisman sustained some light damage, they were able to disable the Melnovan ship and prevent them from retreating. Three more Zenatai ship's had arrived and after sending their thanks and assurances they had the situation in hand, the Talisman returned to Jalno III.

A second away team, led by Captain Jayaram with Lieutenant j.g. Jayce Raymaker and Ensign Laser T. Rainfall went down to Jalno III to get a sample of the venom. Almost immediatley one of the creatures attacked and the away team managed to dispatch it. The creature was tagged for transport and the away team was beamed directly to sickbay. Medical staff began working on a reagnt having one of the creatures to study. Once a reagent was developed, it was administered to the initial away team that consisted of Commander Lans Starsider, Commander Genna Thiemen-Jayaram, and Ensign Spock Jupiter. While the wait began to see if the anti-venom was effective, Lt. Commander Ryan Nadir began to study some odd readings discovered by Ensign Jupiter before beaming down to the surface. Near the planet, particulate matter was half as dense in an even pattern as normal. The conclusion was made that half of the particulates were removed, either by some gravitational force or something else. No link thus far has been made to the dissappearance of the Bonefish. After recieving word from medical that the injured away team will be just fine, the Talisman departed for starbase 427 for repairs before continuing its investigation.