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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Talisman-A Missions
*Production number: TAL-RP053
*Initiated: 121220
*Ended: 121220
*Year: 2387
*Previous Mission: Scraping the Rust
*Next Mission: Thievery
*SIM Concept: Oaksi Resident

=Captain's Log=

  • computer begins recording*

Captain's log, stardate 121220.1905. The Talisman was ordered by Starfleet Science to investigate an anomoly that had appeared at the edge of the Pinastri sector. We began the investigation with the standard sensor scans across all the usual spectrums. We never did get a handle on what exactly it was, however we did encounter some interesting things.

As we were conducting our investigation, various ships kept ghosting across our sensors and viewscreen. We encountered a B'Rel class Bird of Prey, a D'Derix class warbird, a ship of Species 8472, and a Borg Cube. Fortunately due to the latter, none of which seemed to actually be there, as they all vanished just moments after appearing. This stemmed two possibilities. This anomoly was either giving shape and form to the psychokinetic imprints left by ships that had passed through that area of space, or this was some sort of tear in the fabric of space and ships of other realities were phasing through.

The most unnerving "ghost" was a copy of us. What was so unnerving about it is we saw the ship destroyed completely as it attempted to close the anomoly, just as we were attempting to do. The whole thing seemed very familiar to an incident back on the Aviator. Regardless of this, it didnt keep us from having to close the anomoly. All science reports indicated its increase in power levels would eventually cause a subspace tear in the area and would have devestating results. Not only that, if it was in fact a reality gate, the laws of physics would begin to collide and have even greater destructive ends.

We deployed several of our antimatter pods on the recommendation of Lieutenant Oaksi to the anomoly, which we detonated using Quantum torpedos. The igniting of the pods in conjunction with the quantum level detonation created a powerful enough force to disrupe the anomoly and destroy it. We implemented our plan to coincide with a warp jump to get us clear, as hanging around to see the end results would have destroyed the Talisman. All scans on our long-range sensors shows no signs of the anomoly. I have forwarded all results off to Starfleet Science back on Pinastri.

  • computer ends recording*