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The director of UF Starfleet Starbase Security is responsible for all security officers assigned to stations. He/she is also responsible to create fleetwide security drills on stations and maintain security protocols on stations.


  • Help maintaining, along with Branch Commander, at least one introductory course from your division for the Academy
  • Review periodically of Academy classes from your division, being offered by the Academy
  • Create and delegate activities to departments under your command
  • Motivate staff under your command
  • Organize "Career Days" along with UFS Academy Career Advisor, to attract more members to your division
  • Work closely with Department Directors in helping with ongoing activities and projects
  • Participate in group functions, such as ceremonies
  • Make a Monthly Status Report (MSR) to your Branch Commander
  • Serve as an example of a good Starfleet Officer




6 months active service with no serious reprimands on Service Jacket.

Minimum Rank


Staff Archive

 2387 -  120728 through present Ashley Beresford