Deadly Cargo

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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Talisman A Missions
*Production number: TAL-RP023
*Initiated: 110116
*Ended: 110116
*Year: 2386
*Previous Mission: Cross-Referenced Pt 2
*Next Mission: Backyard Treasures
*SIM Concept: Hitman Jayaram

Captain's Log

  • computer begins recording*

Captain's Log, stardate 110116.1238. The Talisman has been ordered to investigate a spacial anomonly near the Sylleran Rift approximately 10.3 LY's rimward of Pinastri IV. We are moving at warp five on course, however something interesting has caught our eye. Long range sensors have detected a cargo freighter that appears to be derelict. At this range we don't have further information, and all attempts at contacting the frieghter have failed. Since no shipments have been schedueled to arrive in the Pinastri system anytime soon, I have decided to look into the frieghters presence and why they have not responded to our hails.

  • computer ends recording*

Events Summary

The USS Talisman while en route to the Syrellan Rift encountered a derelict cargo freighter on stardate 110116. The Talisman investigated due to the fact that no shipment's were due into the Pinastri system and the freighters presences posed some questions. An away team was sent over after several attempts to contact the vessel had failed. The away team, led by Lt. Commander Brandi Meredith, beamed into the ship's bridge. All seemed fairly normal initially until the away team moved farther into the ship.

The away team discovered the unsightly death of the ship's crew. A number of dead bodies were discovered throughout the ship. Cause of death was determined to be severe blood loss due to an attack by some sort of creature. The ship itself did not present with any damage outside of a leaking reactor core. All ship's systems were offline except for life support. As the away team continued to investigate, they were attacked by a creature of unknown origin. The alien lifeform unprovokingly attacked Lt. Commander Lans Starsider and he was taking readings. Cmdr. Starsider only suffered minor lacerations. As the away team attempted to subdue the alien, it dodged the incoming phaser fire and attacked Ens. Tess McGill, sinking its mandibles into her upper abdomen. The alien fled into the ship's ventilation system.

The away team was unable to be beamed back due to the Talisman's transporter system being offline to make minor repairs to ensure a safe extractions. Additionally, communications seemed to be blacked out due to interference from the ship's reactor. The crew moved through the ship to get to the ship's engineering section and discovered a number of containers in one of the cargo bays. The containers contained several more of the alien lifeform they were now trying to survive against. It was determined that the locking mechanism on one of the containers failed which allowed the alien to escape. The away team barricaded themselves in the ships engineering section after fending off several more attacks from the creature. The alien attempted to breach the door leading to engineering but was unable to do so. As the away team held up in engineering, Dr. Genna Thiemen-Jayaram treated Ens. McGill for a puncture of the left shoulder and Hemhorragic Shock. The away team was able to make repairs and restore power to the ship, but communications were acessed only from the bridge.

It was determined that in order to get off teh ship, the blackout had to be lifted from the bridge and a distraction had to be made in order to safely get there. Lt. Commander Meredith provided the distraction as being the most agile of the away team and therefore having the highest survivability rate. As she did so, Lt. Commander Lans Starsider and Lt. Phoenix Finistair safely made it to the bridge and sealed it off. Commander Meredith was able to trap the alien in the ship's infirmary and seal it in. The communication's blackout was lifted and contact was restored with the Talisman. The away team manadged to destroy the alien by using the high-pitched frequencys of the ship's engines. Once the threat had been neutralized, the away team beamed back to the Talisman where Dr. Thiemen-Jayaram treated the injured members. Additionally, the away team was able to recover information in regards to the aliens. According to the notes retrieved, the aliens were the first in a line of military projects being conducted by the Vaadwuara. They were being transported to Pinastri V for immediate testing. The notes also included the Vaadwuara genetically creating new life forms for specific use as tools of combat. The Vaadwuara would be the "superior race" while their creations did their bidding. With this new information, the Talisman contacted Starfleet Command on Pinastri IV. After briefing Command of the situation, Lt. Commander Jackson T. Jayaram was ordered not to destroy the freighter, and that a ship would be dispatched to collect the freighter so that the alien lifeforms could be studied further.