Dark Omens

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Dark Omens
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Talisman A Missions
*Production number: TAL-RP047
*Initiated: 110814
*Ended: 110814
*Year: 2386
*Previous Mission: Stalking the Stars
*Next Mission: Deep Space Fishing
*SIM Concept: Hitman Jayaram

Captain's Log

  • computer begins recording*

Captain's log, stardate 110814.1316. The Talisman has moved into the Dactes Sector to continue the investigation into the dissappearance of the Bonefish. Aside from the bit of intel we received from the Melnovan Rebellion, there has been no evidence or lead as to what may have happened. If a more solid lead doesnt present itself soon, we will be foreced to abandon the search for our missing vessel. I pray we can find her before it reaches that point.

  • computer ends recording*

Event Summary

As the starship Talisman continues its search for the missing USS Bonefish (NPC Ship), her crew discover a debris field from a recent battle. Analysis by Chief Science Officer Commander Lans Starsider indicated that the debris was composed of hull fragments of an unknown origin. Commander Starsider further detailed that the weapon signature present was from a highly powered vessel, perhaps a battle cruiser or a dreadnaught. Unfortunately, the debris' point of origin could not be determined. After weeks of searching, the Talisman declared the USS Bonefish and her crew officially lost.