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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Talisman A Missions
*Production number: TAL-RP012
*Initiated: 100525
*Ended: 100525
*Year: 2385
*Previous Mission: Unwanted Help
*Next Mission: The Realms We Wander
*SIM Concept: Hitman Jayaram

Captain's Log

  • computer begins recording*

Third Officer's log, stardate 100525 Long range sensors detected what appeared to be an unusually small nebula, so naturally, we investigated. However, the readings turned out to be incorrect as what we found was actually an unusually small and dense oort cloud of a planetary system. The unusually dense cometary debris of the could was causing sensors to mistake it for a nebula instead. We launched a probe though to take scans, revealing a 3 planet star system around a type O star. The two outer planets were both supergiants that shared the same orbital path, but on opposite sides of the system. This may explain the size and density of the oort cloud as being attributed to the gravitational field generated by such a configuration. However, while the other two planets may have been an astronomical curiousity, the inner planet was the real find. Scans show that a good percentage of the planet's crust contains record large deposits of dilithium. This was good enough to being the ship itself into the system, though the risk of passing through the cloud was minimal in any case. We entered standard orbit to take more complete scans. This was when we discovered a possibly abandoned Malon facility on the surface. It was then that we also picked up dangerous solar flare activity about to start on the star. With a find of this size, we wanted to invesitgate the facility to be sure the Malon had abandoned it for whatever reason, so we took as many scans as we could before moving the ship to the dark side of the planet for shelter until the flare activity died down. We will be sending a team to investigate tommorow when it's safe.

  • computer ends recording*

Event's Summary

In 2385, the USS Talisman was passing through the La'itila Sector when it detected an unusually small nebula. Further investigation revealed that initial readings had been incorect, and that the nebula was in fact an unusually small and dense oort cloud of a planetary star system. The dense cometary debris of the cloud interfered with normal sensor function and therefore caused the misreadings. A probe was launched to take more in depth sccans and it revealed a three planet star system around an O-type star. The two outer most planets of the system were supergiants that shared the same orbital path on opposing sides of the system. Such a configuration gave explination to the size and density of the oort cloud. The third planet had a core that was mostly comprised of Dilitium, a core resource used by Starfleet and the Federation. The Talisman entered the system at this point and entered into a standard orbit of the third planet to take more complete scans.

These scans revealed an old Malon base that appeared to be abandonned. Solar flare activity from the star prohibited an away team from being sent down immediatley, so the Talisman moved to the planets dark side for protection from the flares. Once solar flare activity had ceased, an away team had been dispatched to the planet's surface. On the planet, a very interesting discovery had been made. A lifeform that was labeled as "Proto-Hoorta", a silicon based lifeform, had attacked the Malon facility as the away team was collecting it's data. The away team returned to the Talisman immediatley before any injuries were sustained. Upon the Talisman crew's return to the surface, it seemed that most of the Malon facility had been destroyed. Not much was left intact, making further data recovery impossible. However, several bodies were found in what was believed to be crew quarters. The races of the deceased consisted of Human, Malon, and Andorian. All the deceased bodies were discovered wearing an elaboratly colored armband which was a representing marker of the pirate cartel know as "The Beast Raiders." The away team returned to the ship, and the Talisman left orbit. Autopsy's were performed by Doctor Genna Thiemen-Jayaram which revealed that all had died of a synoptic breakdown of the nervous system. This evidence left the only theory that it was due to the cartels beliefs that they posses psychic abilities that enabled them to control other lifeforms, and that the silicon based lifeforms were beyond their ability to telepathically control them. It is possible that the "Proto-Hoorta" killed the humanoids in believing they were after the resources the planet had to offer. The planet has not been visited since.