Arachnid Incident, Part 2

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Arachnid Incident, Part 2.jpg
General Data
*SIM Type: SS Athena Missions
*Production number: ATH-RP002
*Initiated: 090707
*Ended: 090707
*Year: 2384
*Previous Mission: Arachnid Incident, Part 1
*Next Mission: What Goes Around, Comes Around
*SIM Concept: Khol McDonnell
*Historian: Thallanor Rasmuson

While more officers become infected by the arachnid-like infestation, medical officers aboard SS Athena|Athena race towards a cure.


Chief Medical Officer's log, stardate 090707:

Quickly succumbing to being bitten, CMO Khol McDonnell slips into unconciousness and is evacuated while other officers defend others from the infestation and medical officers work on a cure.


With Khol McDonnell being monitored in Athena's sickbay, it soon became obvious the true nature of the infection. Within the next few hours, his body transformed into that of the same Arachnid-like species that infected him in the first place.

Ezra Sweet continued to work towards a cure, and with the last of Khol's humanity slipping away forever, the antidote was administered, quickly reversing the changes made to his body, returning him to his normal self.

Debriefing Khol, he indicated being able to communicate with the creatures on a primitive level, learning that not only that some of these creatures have managed to go into hiding on Pinastri, but they someday plan on making a return. We will need to remain vigilant.