Ancient History

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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Talisman A Missions
*Production number: TAL-RP027
*Initiated: 110213
*Ended: 110213
*Year: 2386
*Previous Mission: Genetically Superior
*Next Mission: One of a Kind
*SIM Concept: Hitman Jayaram

Captain's Log

  • computer begins recording*

Captain's Log, stardate 110213.1359. The Talisman has entered the Unall Sector and will commence charting it immediatley. Our first stop in this sector is the Monal System. Long range sensors have detected at least one M-Class planet for us yo take a closer look at. We will know more upon reaching the system. So far sensors dont pick up any other ship's in the area, so hopefully we can avoid any Vaadwuar entanglements.

  • computer ends recording*

Events Summary

On Stardate 110213, The USS Talisman was moving through the Monal system of the Unall Sector on a routine exploratory mission. While in the Monal system the crew of the ship investigated Monal II which was an M-Class planet. An away team consisting of Lt. Commander Lans Starsider, Lt. Commander Rezo Takashi, and Ensign Jayce Raymaker was dispatched down into a cave where an odd energy source was detected. After some investigation of the cave, the away team made an interesting discovery.

As the away team began taking standard samples they discovered small glowing orbs floating in the air. The orbs somewhat resembled fireflies indigenous to Earth, but were no insect. They were determined to be artificially generated. As Commander Starsider attempted to catch one for examination, it took over his body and initiated contact with the away team. The orb now residing in Commander Starsider's body denounced the away team for apparently having inadvertantly defilled an ancient burial site of a race long since extincted by an attack. The remaining orbs grew agitated and formed an energy field which prevented the away team from returning to the Talisman. Contacting the Talisman only further angered the energy orbs, and the attacks on the away team persisted until Lt. Commander Takashi destroyed a crystal at the base of a small waterfall. The crystal later determined to be a psychoreactive material that stored the neural patterns of a large number of the population before they were wiped out. It was further determined that the beings believed the away team to be just like those that destroyed their civilizations long ago. Once the crystal was destroyed the energy field preventing transport was gone and Lt. Commander Starsider was no longer possessed. The away team transported back to the Talisman and Commander Starsider was treated for injuries. The neural patterns from the crystal were unable to be recovered.