Alexandria Twilight (Part 2)

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"Everything's an illusion."
General Data
*SIM Type: Cross-Sim Roleplay
*Production number: ALE-RP017
*Initiated: 110213
*Ended: 110213
*Year: 2396
*Aliens: Etherium Matriarchy
*Previous Mission: Upgrade
*Next Mission: The Probe
*SIM Concept: Verbum Willowind
*Historian: Verbum Willowind

Alexandria station has been destroyed leaving the stranded crew on the damaged USS Taurus. As the command structure breaks down due to the loss of the Commander, Alexandria's crew must put all that behind them as they continue to fight in an unforgiving universe.


USS Taurus Log

Stardate: 210213

Its been a week since the destruction of Alexandria station and the loss of Commander Willowind. The USS Taurus has headed away from the Pinastri system however sensors have found some sort of residual temporal energy present on the ship. Engineering have theorised that they believe this ship may not even be from this time, that it may have come forward from 10 years ago through some strange unknown reason.

Despite that mystery, the USS Taurus has kept us alive through countless encounters with Etherium Warships, they seem to have absorbed many different Delta Quadrant races and intergrated them into their hive. This has had the unfortunatly effect of doubling thier numbers as they continue to chase us across the stars.

Quarters are close, nerves are freyed and moral seems to be dropping by the day. We have not encountered anothing Federation ship since we left Alexandria which makes me believe that we are alone out here. We were only able to pull 40 crew from Alexandria onto the station before it was destroyed. That left the death toll at almost a thousand, including the Commander and Lieutenant Blaukempt. Lieutenant Avina Arun left on a scouting mission in a shuttle five days ago and she has not been seen since.

I am forced, reluctantly to look for any planet capable of supporting life. There may be a few of us but we need to pull our resources and work towards one goal... Survival.


It was a week since the destruction of Alexandria and the death of both Commander Willowind and Lieutenant Commander Blaukempt. The command structure on the Taurus had broken down due to the loss of both Alexandria's commanding officer and executive officer. Crewman Cd Duffield had taken command of the ship during a crisis and was effectively one of the best choices for leadership in this harsh universe. For the last week, the USS Taurus had been running from the sheer numbers of Etherium Vessels that persued them. Many different Delta Quadrant races had succumbed to the Etherium parasite and their vessels appropriated by the a green "organic" resin that grew on the exterior of the hulls like a thick moss. However the USS Taurus had managed to avoid the Etherium for just over a week.

Unfortunatly, the USS Taurus was heavily damaged from fleeing constant attack from a menagerie of different ships that had been adapted into the Etherium hive. Engines were heavily damaged, limiting speed to Warp 7 and weapons were at minimal power. Lieutenant Peaches2U Camino detected an Etherium battlecruiser homing in on their location, Crewman Duffield ordered that they try to avoid the vessel for a long as possible since another direct conflict would probably result in the destruction of the USS Taurus at all hands. The "battlecruiser" appeared to be an absorbed Dominion battleship which had been vastly mondified and retrofitted by the Etherium Matriarchy.

Chief Engineer Sov Meriman informed Duffield that the ship would not be able to outrun the "battlecruiser" for long and he would have to think of another way to get out of this mess. Lieutenant Camino also encoutered the repeated distress call from a starfleet shuttlecraft which she accurately predicted as being the shuttle that Assistant Chief Engineer Avina Arun had taken in order to survey for repair supplies. Duffield ordered that communications be made with the Etherium ship, resulting in them declaring that the Taurus would either be boarded and destroyed.

However, just when all hope seemed lost, the massive Ex-Dominion vessel, turned on it tail and entered high warp, ignoring the Taurus. Everyone was able to breath a sigh of relief at the departure of the massive Etherium warship. Crewman Duffield ordered a confirmation of the occupants of the shuttle which internal scans revealed that it seemed to be Arun and the rest of the survey team that she departed with. He ordered the ship into transporter range and brought them aboard to sickbay.

Chief Medical Officer Morath Landfall attempted to treat Avina Arun however he was shocked to see that both of the other shuttle occupants seemed to be the dead bodies of both Commander Verbum Willowind and Lieutenant Zyris Blaukempt from Alexandria. His scans on Avina revealed that there was nothing wrong with her that would have caused her to loose conciousness and he also discovered a massive presence of the Etherium parasite inside her brain. He attempted to warn the Bridge however it was too late and Avina infected him with the parasites.

Avina then ordered both the bodies of Commander Willowind and Lieutenant Blaukempt up who used Willowind's command codes to disable main power on the USS Taurus, effectively disabling her. Commander Willowind decreed that Avina was "the majesty" which suggested the prescence of an Etherium "Queen"

After an intense firefight with Lieutenant Tprai Helix's security teams in Engineering, the Queen and her drones were subdued and brought to the Bridge. It appeared that the Queen had caused an "Etherium-Converted" Krenim timeship to warp in above the disable Taurus. She declared it as her "flagship" and suggested that it had the power to "wipe starfleet from any page of history". Chief Engineer Meriman concluded that vessel was a massive build up of Temporal Energy and after the body of Commander Willowind attempted to attack Peaches2U, he was killed and the Etherium Queen was wounded along with Lieutenant Blaukempt.

Chief Engineer Meriman concluded that they would never have enough power to destroy that ship before its beam was able to erase the Taurus and everyone on it from history. The strange timeship began to charge a powerful weapon at the front of the ship with Chief Science Officer Peaches2U Camino concluding that if that vessel was destroyed, the timeline would be altered as a result, reverting to a state where that vessel never existed. She concluded that this might have been how the Etherium were able to rise to power, by shifting different timelines into favourable ones for them.

Crewman Cd Duffield concluded that ship might have been responsible for everything that had happened in the timeline since Alexandria had discovered the race almost ten years previous. He ordered that a tachyon surge be fired at the ship. With partial ship control back, Sov Meriman was able to take back control of the vessel but bypassing Verbum's command codes and the resulting tachyon beam caused the ship's temporal core to fluctuate, causing a brief window of a couple of minutes where the vessel was not in a state of temporal flux and thus impervious to anything.

The vessel phased back into normal space-time and Cd Duffield ordered that the USS Taurus make a impulse collision into the timeship. After a few goodbyes and a few seconds waiting, the resulting sacrifice of the USS Taurus was instramental in causing a massive temporal inversion that repaired the shattered space time continuum and erasing the last ten years of Etherium dominance. Both Alexandria and the USS Taurus were restored as well as the rest of United Federation Starfleet however nobody would remember the brave sacrifice of the "alternate" USS Taurus.