Alexandria Twilight (Part 1)

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"This is no time to argue about time, we don't have the time."
General Data
*SIM Type: Cross-Sim Roleplay
*Production number: ALE-RP014
*Initiated: 110206
*Ended: 110206
*Year: 2396
*Aliens: Etherium Matriarchy
*Previous Mission: Temporal Timebomb
*Next Mission: Alexandria Twilight (Part 2)
*SIM Concept: Verbum Willowind
*Historian: Verbum Willowind

An attempt to seal a Temporal Fissure causes a Temporal Inversion in which Pinastri is crippled by the Etherium, leaving Alexandria alone, out of contact with the rest of Starfleet, fighting to survive.


Station Log

Stardate 210131

The power grid on Deck 5 was destroyed in this mornings attack. Sov's new armour plating helped to hold against the onslaught of Etherium weaponry. Unfortunatly the last species to full under their "grand indoctrination" is the Krenim... I thought we had covered for everything but Alexandria has been battered by those blasted Chroniton Torpedoes.

I do not know how much longer we can hold out against them. We have tried getting all the cadets to saftey but the artifical gravity on the secure deck malufunctioned yesturday and we lost for cadets that were just "crushed" by the extreme gravity. I am beginning to wonder if Alexandria is able to hold together.

It all started five years ago... we knew that they were coming for Pinastri. Our long range communications and sensors have been totally destroyed and we have not had any word from the fleet at all... that was five years and eleven months ago. We have tried so hard to keep everyone together, the Academy and Alexandria but somehow I do not know if any other ship made it through. The USS Taurus has not returned either since we sent it out almost a year ago to gather information about the other stations and the fleet.

About two years, we were dangerously close to falling into the orbit of Pinastri VII. I ordered Sov to move Alexandria further out, he objected and we lost a lot of good people just moving the station on sublight thrusters. Due to our destroyed long range communications and sensors, we have no idea where we are or the status of the rest of the Federation...

I can only hoped that they survived. I know that the Etherium will be back for us. We are just game to them, they see us the same as we would a starship... just vessels.

Well this vessel... is not empty... yet.


Attempts to seal the temporal rupture with an anti-chroniton beam caused a cascade effect in the rupture. This caused Alexandria to be engulfed in a temporal shockwave that changed history and pushed time forward by ten years. In this new timeline, UFS has been scattered due to constant attacks by the Etherium. Alexandria had been heavily damaged by constant attacks over the years from Etherium warships leaving them with severe structural damage to the station.

The shockwave caused an Etherium Battlestar to attack Alexandria doing massive damage to the station and the systems. Commander Willowind, who had been having repeated heart trouble ordered Chief Security Officer, Lieutenant TPrai Helix to arm one of the remaining two torpedoes on the station and let the ship get within a 1000m distance of Alexandria. He then ordered Communication Officer, Lieutenant Yuki Horten to signal a general surrender and cut power to the station.

The ship approached Alexandria and TPrai fired the torpedo, destroying the Etherium vessel but at the same point damaging the front of the station. Commander Willowind looked pale as he ordered the crew to stand down and begin repairs. Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Morath Landfall went to check on Lieutenant Zyris Blaukempt who had been in stasis following an infection from five years previous that had not been cured. With the chaos that had ensued since the devestating attack on UFS 5 years ago, Alexandria had been effectively cut off from the rest of UFS, holding 6000 refugees that had fled the Pinastri System in terror.

Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Peaches2U Camino informed Commander Willowind, who was already 29, well approaching the end of his life due to old age (Argussians only live for 30 years on avarage) that she had detected a metallic signature approaching fast on Alexandira. Further scans revealed it to be the USS Taurus that had been assumed lost during the war 5 years previous. Further scans revealed no lifesigns aboard so Commander Willowind ordered a team to board the USS Taurus and determine what happened.

Petty Officer 1st Class Avina Arun led the team, consisting of Lieutenant Peaches2U Camino, Lieutenant TPrai Helix and Lieutenant Morath Landfall. They managed to board the ship but found it strange that the ship was as good as new, no battle damage at all and was fully functional however there were no crew aboard. Upon further inspection, auto-nagivation had appeared to have been locked in to fly back to Alexandria at impulse speed, a journey of almost 10 years... way before the USS Taurus was assumed lost.

Chief Operations Officer, Commander Decimuss Silverweb witnessed two Etherium battlestars dropping out of warp in front of Alexandria, without any warning or prior detection. Commander Willowind was in critical condition through his heart and ordered both Silverweb and Chief Engineer Commander Sov Meriman to board the Taurus and beam as many of the survivors off the station as possible. Realising the futility of the situation both agreed to leave, giving Commander Willowind enough time to destract both Etherium ships before Alexandria was destroyed allowind the Taurus to escape.