160415 The Face of The Map, Part II

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Stardate 160415, Location Sector 006D

Our initial survey into Sector 006D has already turned up an unexpected anomaly, a moon's orbit has been drastically altered compared to previous surveys. Although there has been no evidence to suggest foul play or artificial methods, there are thoughts that the Etanian Order, known for their aggressive expansion methods by staging natural disasters to force evacuate inhabited systems, may be behind this.

In this case however, this is far beyond the scale of previous anything they've done previously, not to mention in an uninhabited system where no logical motive seems apparent.


  • CO - Cdr Azdra Portland
  • XO - Lt. Cdr Suzie Setsuko
  • Medical - Dr. John Sheppard-McKay
  • Operations - LtJG Alana Skytower
  • Operations - LtJG Sytia Shran
  • Operations - Cdr Scott Salmson
  • Engineering - LtJG Tobias 'Syn' Wolf
  • Science- Ens Daniel Jackson
  • Science- Ens Drake Cole
  • Intelligence- Ens Alric Montgomery
  • Intelligence- Ens Cort Callahan
  • Marine - L.Cpl RebelV


  • Cadet Archi Merlin
  • Cadet Jarrod Wolf