160129 A brief history of "thing"

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Stardate 160115 Location: Pinastri System, Sector 006F

Our survey continues, bringing us to Pirandia II, also known as Ziwalsa.

Ziwalsa is a giant landmark in Pirandian history, inhabited by them originally and was in fact their homeworld, until some kind of disaster rendered it uninhabitable. The Pirandiians used everything they in their escape bid to settle Pirandia III and have never returned. Details are scant, making this historical planet more intriguing. With the Pirandian government's permission, we are undertaking a survey of our own.


  • CO - Commander Azdra Portland-Nikolaidis
  • XO - Lt Commander Suzie Setsuko
  • Medical - Dr. John Sheppard-McKay
  • Engineering - Ens Tobias 'Syn' Wolf
  • Operations - Ens Alana Skytower
  • Security - Lt Christian Warblood
  • Security - Ens Alric Montgomery
  • Security - CA GemmaV
  • Security - CA RebelV


  • Lt Ed Pintens (USS Sheppard)
  • Dr Rodney McKay-Sheppard (USS Veracuz)