160108 Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak

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Stardate 160108 Location: Pinastri System, Sector 006F

The Thunderbird is receiving visitors from Pinastri today, Starfleet Operations are here for an informal inspection and see how we are getting on, whilst a delegation from Starfleet Medical are here take a look out our sickbay and talking with our medical staff.

No sooner are our guests received and sitting down in the briefing room with us, alerts are received from the Brig as well as the Shuttlebay. Our rather dangerous intruder has escaped...


  • CO - Commander Azdra Portland-Nikolaidis
  • XO - Lt Commander Suzie Setsuko
  • Security - Lt JG Broly Blackheart
  • Medical - Dr. John Sheppard-McKay
  • Engineering - Ensign Tobias Nikolaidis Wolf


  • Dr Rodney McKay-Sheppard - USS Veracruz
  • Cdr Chad Hoorenbeek - Representing UFS Fleet Operations
  • Lt Cdr William Greymoon - Representing UFS Medical