151113 The Nebula and the Ship

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Stardate 151113

Location: Somewhere near 005F

We have had an amazing opportunity to explore a nearby nebula...with the exception of an unknown ship playing "peek a boo" behind us.

Our science officers monitored the Nebula until the unknown ship decided to enter the cloud. It was at that time that we made the decision to leave the area. The nebula was behind us until something caused an explosion around where we saw the unknown ship enter the nebula. We were hit by a shockwave...no notable damage to the Thunderbird.

With the shockwave came an unseen and disturbing side affect. Four members of the crew have been plagued with odd nightmares and visions.


  • CO - Commander Azdra Portland-Nikolaidis
  • Acting XO - Lt Commander Suzie Setsuko
  • Security - Lt JG Broly Blackheart
  • Science - Ensign Andrea Mistwallow
  • Medical - Dr Chris Warblood


  • Commander Scott Salmson - USS Shogun
  • Dr Rodney McKay-Sheppard - USS Veracruz
  • Cadet Zoe Horobin - Academy guest