SS Peedy Thor RP - Wounded

Originally Named for Admiral Peedy Thor. The Sovereign Class ship is assigned to protect and serve United Federation Starfleet. With a dual assignment of both exploration and defence, The ship is available to serve a multitude of needs for the Federation.

USS Thor and it’s crew are on a ‘protect and serve’ mission in the deepest parts of the Delta Quadrant, championing the Federation’s philosophy and ideals under the motto ‘For Those That Came Before’

Roleplay Times: Thursdays 1:30pm SLT
Commanding Officer: Draco Dimanovic
Executive Officer: 3249Rowena Resident
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Draco Dimanovic
Command - Captain
Command - Captain
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After reuniting with Commander Draco Dimanovic after the Romulans took control of Pinastri and the SS Peedy Thor, the USS Goddard and its crew make their way to the new Fleet rendezvous point.

The crew is on alert and spoiling for a fight after the death of Commodore Mistwallow, will they come across any more enemies along the way?

Location: USS Goddard
Alert Status: Yellow
Damage: Minor from the recent skirmish

STARTING OBJECTIVES ( * = indicates leading assignments)
Operations: Operate
Engineering: Engineer
Science: Be Scientific
Medical: Be Doctory
Security: Secure
Intelligence: Be Intelligent
Marine: Assist in area of expertise
Cadets: Assist in area of interest
Civilians: Be Civil
Guests: Assist where needed

Ships Assisting: None
Captain Draco Dimanovic
Commanding Officer | USS Thor
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Chief of Staff to the Deputy Commander - UFS
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Kermie Mistwallow
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Command - Vice Admiral
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Mission Participants


Acting Co - Draco Dimanovic
Acting XO - 3249Rowena Resident

Acting Chief - Adomsisko Resident

Lizzy Gracemount

Ops Officer - Lt Eim'rek (kermie mistwallow)
Vice Admiral Kermie Mistwallow
Chief of UF Starfleet Operations
Director | Promotions & Awards
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