Mission #247: A Night at the Range

USS Maxwell, NCC-21873, is a Nova-class science and survey vessel based out of Pinastri Colony on the Second Life Grid. We are currently a mission of exploration in the Hapke Cluster, an open star cluster of some 10,000 star systems. We are open to new crew! Please inquire with Captain Nora Gerhadsen or with Commander April Coswell. We are particularly interested in Science, Engineering and Operations officers.

Roleplay Times: Thursdays 6pm to 8pm SLT
Commanding Officer: Nora Gerhadsen
Executive Officer: April Coswell
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Command - Captain
Command - Captain
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*Crew Roster*

Commanding Officer: Commodore Nora Gerhadsen
Executive Officer: Captain Jayce Rebel

Ship's Cook: Te'ellis (xxFadeIntoMistxx Schism)

Vice Chief of Security: Lt. Commander Sinbad Naiver (Nerfstriker2010)
Security Officer: Lieutenant Talon Silvercloud

Chief Medical Officer: Lt. Commander Ariel Arrowmint

Science: Ensign Drewski Northman

UFS Chief of Operations
Chief Operations Officer
XO USS Maxwell
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