Blast to the PAST --- Mission report 140626

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Following some sensitive highly detailed intelligence reports, Captain Rasmuson ordered a refitting of the USS Cheyenne, the Defiant-class vessel under Tranquility command. while performing a shakedown run, the Cheyenne experienced severe turbulence from a spatial anomaly that only seemed to suddenly appear on sensors before contact. Cheyenne experienced a sudden power surge followed by a black out. What power that was available was diverted to life support, while Engineering officer, ENS JRKirk surveyed the damage. Emergency power was soon brought online and shortly afterward enough power for Impulse drive. Unfortunately, there was a blockage in the warp drive systems that made energy fluctuations seem to misfire and sputter like an old earth dirty spark plug (my analogy, not the engineer's).

This was unfortunate enough, but then sensors and data confirmed after several checks that we had not only been thrown off course, but also some 150 million years back in time orbiting the planet Talax in its pre-historic era. Crew, which consisted of Lt Lei Hanfoi, Cadet Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon and Lt Kristoff Jameson of the USS Veracruz in addition to the aforementioned Engineer, CO and myself, set about effecting repairs and ascertaining ways of returning to our present.

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