Single Sign On - how does it work?

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I had understood that this was implemented across the forum, our Moodle training website, the database, and the wiki. Change the password in one place and it gets changed everywhere else. Now I'm hearing that any password change needs to be done on the forum and nowhere else. I just told a Cadet to use the lost password link on the Moodle website to retrieve his password. What's going to happen when he does that? Chaos? :)
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The database was never included in single sign on.

It was my understanding that everything else (Moodle, wiki if authorized) was based on the forum login and password & that if you forgot what it was you couldn't reset it anywhere else but the forum.
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Hi Hal,

I apologise its taken this long to have an official Compops answer on this.

In its current iteration, single sign on only affects the following services: forum, wiki (if authorised to have an account), wordpress/mainwebsite and academy moodle. In most circumstances when a person first attempts to sign into the linked service, a copy of the users profile is made in the applications native format so it can still perform its independent functions. However this said, all authentication calls are made against the forum database and this is used to determine if a login is valid or not.

In the event that a user needs to change their password, they need to change this at the forum as this is the primary database for authentication. Listed passwords in other application databases are only there for legacy reasons and are not used for auth. Therefore in the question listed above, if the user tries to change their password on the moodle, they will not be able to log in with the reset password as the password changed is not being authenticated against.

I understand this is a little confusing but I hope it helps answer your question. Feel free to send me a message on discord if you have further questions relating to this.

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