Without a Leg to Stand On

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Without a Leg to Stand On
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP089
*Initiated: 111106
*Ended: 111106
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Without a Leg to Stand On
*Previous Mission: Where the Wild Things Are
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

The Sheppard crew carry out a daring action on an Oclar ship in an effort to recover their kidnapped engineer.


Location: 20,000 years in the future, enroute to a Chenae repair facility

Captain's log, Stardate 111106

This is our chance. The chenae have detected an Oclar vessel shadowing us. We don't know if Lt Zapatero is onboard but I'm willing to bet that the Oclar know where he is, or at least have some clue. Security has suggested a tactical course of action involving us luring the Oclar into attempting another boarding of the Sheppard, except this time we will be ready with a strike team of our own and a fortified Sheppard. While they are busy trying to take the Sheppard off of us we will be, in turn, sending a strike team across to turn the tables on them.

It's a daring plan, and well, that's perhaps why I like it. In any case we will lure the Oclar in, but first I will give them one chance to tell me where Lt Zapatero is, then the gloves are off and I'll be taking my officer back one way or another.

Computer, end log.


Stardate 111106 - Cmdr Jess Hamelin Executive Officer's Overview

Still searching for Lt Zapatero, today we decided to get some answers from the Oclar. Based on a scenario suggested by Security, we and the Chenae faked a distress call, which the Chenae "answered", leaving us defenseless and an easy target for the Oclar. The plan was, draw them in, and then hit them on their own ship, hopefully finding Alex. I assembled a strike team to go into the ship, while the Captain dealt with the Oclar on the Sheppard.

The strike team consisted of LtCmdr Coswell, Lt Ohtobide, Ltjg Coronet, Ens Ellison, security Chief Petty Officer Trekarn & myself. I split us up into two squads. I lead Alpha team with Lt Ohtobide & Ens Ellison, & Cmdr Coswell lead Bravo with Lt Coronet and CPO Trekarn. We outfitted ourselves in LC armour and armed ourselves with rifles, and gathered in the transporter room, awaiting the Captain's order. The wait seemed to take forever...I know the team was getting antsy.

Finally, we got word from the bridge and beamed over to make our assault. Alpha team's goal was, hopefully, finding LT Zapatero, and Bravo's was disabling the Oclar vessel. We beamed into what seemed to be and airlock, and were almost immediately set upon by one of their enforcers. From that point on, it was basically a constant battle. Some minor injuries were sustained, but nothing overly major, Lt Ohotbide was by far the worst hit.

We also had issues with Chief Trekarn, not staying with his assigned group but rather going off with the express intent of dealing with the Oclar crew. More on that momentarily. After a fight, Alpha team made it up to their bridge and held the location. Lt Ohtobide and myself repelled the Oclar while Ens Ellison worked on trying to find Lt Zapatero's location. Unfortunately their systems indicated he wasn't on the ship. She then tried to locate where he had gone. It was another couple minutes of fighting, but we finally got word from Bravo team they'd managed to eject the Oclar's warp core into space, and I demanded the Oclar's surrender, which they complied, as the only crew they had remaining was a trainee and one of their Enforcers, someone called Mar.

LtCmdr Coswell, political animal that she is, was the one who managed to get through to Mar and the trainee, by turning their own laws against them and claiming their ship, the Scepter, as property. While Lt Coronet and Chief Trekarn did a visual sweep of the ship to make sure Alex wasn't aboard, Cmdr Coswell talked them through political loopholes that, frankly, I couldn't follow, and managed to name Capt Dwi as Supreme Enforcer of the Specter, and got word on Lt Zapatero, who apparently had been taken to another location, where in true Zap fashion, he escaped, was pursued, and shot down on a planet. Mar explained there was a fleet of ships going to pick him up. After assigning a skeleton crew of our people to the Specter, and beaming over a medical team to look after their wounded, we returned to the Sheppard.

Conclusion: We are currently making best possible speed towards the planet Zap crashed on. I only hope we can get there before the Oclar, and that he's ok.