Under Siege

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Under Siege
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP017
*Initiated: 100515
*Ended: 100515
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: Under Siege
*Previous Mission: Previous
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

The crew fights to regain control of Sheppard as deck after deck is invaded by crablike creatures.


Captains log:

Computer, begin recording.

The Sheppard is still under attack; they have taken decks 1 through 6 and are continuing to attack across the ship. We have managed to keep control of the main systems so far but I'm not sure how long that will hold up.

So far we have not come up with a way to permanently repel these boarders or find a way out of the surrounding anomalies. We have had some limited success in using personal transporters or isolinear tags to transport out these crates, however this is a dangerous tactic as well as fruitless so far as they just keep on coming back in greater quantities. If we dont find a way to better defend ourselves or get out of this trap I feel we are going to end up like the ship we discovered out in space derelict.

I've set up a temporary command post in engineering, and I've got teams working on a solution or way out.

Computer, end log.


With the crablike creatures having overrun several decks, the crew of the Sheppard established a command post in Engineering and from there, tried to regain control of the ship. In doing so, however, they lost all but life support because of the heavily-damaged systems – the creatures were chewing on EPS and NDN relays all over the ship.

Working on the theory that a certain pattern emitted by the gravity wave that had deposited the creatures on Sheppard might actually be a means of communications, the crew managed to isolate the third EM band and thus stop the creatures’ advance. Using an EMP built by Engineering and programmed to order the creatures to return to their canisters, the crew were able to recover the overrun decks, including the bridge. The polarity of the shields was modified using the third EM band in an effort to keep the creatures from coming back.