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Written by:

Reviewed and Amended by:

  • Ensign AiriDokeshi Resident

Last Revision Stardate: 181014

Intended Audience: UF Starfleet Academy

Reviewing Authority: UF Starfleet Academy Command


This document is intended to inform new UFS members of the procedure to be granted the status of commissioned officer (Ensign) or Marine (2nd Lieutenant) or enlisted officer (Crewman Recruit) through UF Starfleet Academy.

When you join UFS, we try to give you the full Starfleet experience. However, we do understand that some people have more time to invest than others. Therefore, we tailored the Academy to your needs. Traditionally, a cadet spent 4 weeks in the Academy (representing the 4 years in Starfleet Academy). However, if you are able to do all your requirements in 1 week, you can graduate sooner. Those cadets who need more time can take as many weeks as they need as long as they fill out their Cadet Weekly Report, due each Sunday.

Academy Command


If you are looking at this, you most likely have already filed your [1] with UF Starfleet - if not, feel free to go ahead and fill out the form!

In any case, you are more than welcome to keep reading to find out what will happen once your application is approved. You'll know because you'll receive a welcome letter from UFS Personnel with the details you'll need to access our online portals.

Unless you sign up as a civilian, you will be considered a cadet at Starfleet Academy. The Academy will be your first home within UFS, at least initially. After graduation, you can transfer to any ship or station of your choice.

Time as a Cadet

While you're a cadet, you'll be asked to take some online classes to orient you to our organization, our history, and our story. For 'metaverse member' (those who signed up from Second Life or 3rd Rock Grid), there will also be specific training on roleplay and tasks in missions aboard starships, starbases, and on away missions. While you're with us, we encourage you to tour our 'ships of the line', meet other members, and participate in missions. This can help you decide where you might fit in best. You decide where you are stationed after graduation, and also choose which Branch you'd like to join.

Requirements to Graduate

Starfleet Academy choices 190201x.jpg

Changing Career Tracks

If, after you graduate, you decide the branch you entered isn't quite a fit for you, you are free to switch at any time. However, you will be asked to take qualifying classes for the new branch if you have not already done so. Always talk to tyour Commanding Officer about your plans as they also will need to give you a new assignment. The Academy is always available to help you take any additional classes you might need.

Means of taking classes

The UFS Academy offers a very wide range of classes covering multiple fields of study. We have degree programs, awards for certain numbers of classes taken, and are always working on expanding the curriculum to enhance every member’s knowledge and “Trek” experience.

Our non-RP lecture classes are now set up on an online portal called 'Moodle'. Once you have joined UF Starfleet and been given access to the UFS forum, that same login and password will allow you to access Moodle and take your online classes.

There is 'interactive' training required of all metaverse members. This training is meant to assist you to understand the role you will play in any mission, including branch-specific tasks and duties, working as a member of a team, and understanding how to enact that role in a text-based rp.


  • "Branch Ridealong" takes place on a bridge or ops deck, where a mission roleplay introduces you to your branch duties;

  • "Mission Ridealong" is similar to Bridge Ridealong but can also be an away mission where you RP your branch's role on the team;

Please note that if you take part in a mission ridealong, the Commanding Officer or Executive Officer of that ship or station must send an email to academy@ufstarfleet.org with the details in order that you may receive credit for your participation.

Cadet Weapons Policy

Cadets are never to be armed if attending any Academy function within a metaverse such as SL or 3RG. There are no exceptions unless the Commander-in-chief has issued a threat warning AND ordered the new members to be armed even before they have graduated UFS Academy.

Cadet Uniform Policy

If you are in a metaverse such as SL or 3RG you are required to wear the uniform as provided for UFSA Cadets on the supply deck of your metaverse. For more on the UFS Uniform Policy, see policy


Once you have completed all the requirements set out for your chosen track of Fleet, Marine, or Enlisted, you will graduate. At that time, you will be issued a certificate and an announcement will be made on the UFS Forum. For metaverse members, you will be removed from the Academy group and added to both the main UFS group and your branch group so you can obtain your uniform. You may then report to your chosen ship and begin your career!

Be Proud, Be Strong, be Starfleet!


UFS Academy Cadet Handbook [2]