Malachite Mystery

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Captain's Log, supplemental

We barely managed to make it out of the nebula in one piece. We used our deflector as a makeshift signal light to let the away team know they needed to flee as well. They somehow managed to maneuver the station out. Upon leaving he area, those.... ghosts seemed to stop their attack. We found ourselves with a new issue. There was an alien warship armed and ready when we emerged. Incoming hail.

Computer, End Log

Crew participation

Rich Lombardia Emerald Lombardia Colin Nemeth Martian McDunner

Guests Archi Merlin Nems Johari (Knightspet Resident) L1z1x Resident as Rook Elonian Mor’Nok


Captain’s Log,

Turns out the alien ship is part of the Lamogra Imperium. They area native to the near by star system. Initially they thought of us as spies but eventually realized we were telling the truth about being explorers an that station wasn’t a spy installation. Matter of fact, that station belonged to the Imperium but was over 100 years old. The imperium sent a representative over named Rook Elonian Mor’Nok. Rook appears to be part of their military ranking system. After a discussion she revealed the dark history of her people. Going back over 100 years they had issues with a neighboring star system occupied by the Torqanisian Republic. For a long time, there was a sort of cold war. Then one day the Torqanisian Republic attacked the Lamogra with a weapon of magnificent power. The weapon destroyed one of their moons which housed over 1.3 million colonists….all dead. War was declared between these two nations, but it only lasted for a year. As the war raged on, the Torqanisian Republic managed to killed nearly 50 million by destroying our most distant colonies.

Afraid for their extinction, the Lamogra developed a top secret research station code named Malachite Point. Their most brilliant minds were sent there for one purpose. To build a weapon so powerful they could win the war. A year later, they had their weapon. It was a missile that when fired at a planet could dig all the way to its core to destabilize it. What followed was a maelstrom of quakes and eruption. The resulting destabilization destroyed the planet in a matter of hours. They launched a massive attack on all their planets and colonies. In less than a week not a single Torqanisian world was left. This was the Imperium’s greatest victory then but their histories most shameful moment.

The Imperium wanted to bury Malachite Point and vowed never to engage in such activity again. When their ships arrived, the station was gone. A search of the area and the nebula revealed nothing. The station and project was classified for a great many years but eventually the truth came out and the Imperium underwent the great reform. According to the Rook, seeing this station here...after a century of being missing is gravely disturbing as are these ghost-like creatures we previously encountered. Where has the station been? What happened to its crew? And Where did these creatures come from?

We took an away team to the station and met with the Rook and her team. There was one area of the station that was sealed. There is some dark secret behind that door. It will take us a awhile to get in and find out what that is…..

Computer, End Log


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