First Contact!

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General Data
*SIM Type: SS Athena Missions
*Production number: ATH-RP046
*Initiated: 110302
*Ended: 110302
*Year: 2386
*SIM Concept: Thallanor Rasmuson
*Historian: Thallanor Rasmuson

With a basic form of communication established between Athena's officers and their alien guest, they depart to a remote location where they may continue their research.


In order to help alleviate the possibility of our communications experiments drawing unwanted attention from others of our guest's species, the crew of Athena has departed to an outpost where they can continue to work on establishing further communication and hopefully, begin diplomatic discussions with their obviously intelligent guest.


In order to minimize the discomfort of the alien guest, they were lightly sedated for the journey to the remote outpost. All communications equipment was transported to shuttlecraft while the sedative started to take effect.

Enroute to the destination, tweaks continued to be made to the equipment, focusing on a narrower band of frequencies in hopes of assisting in honing in on the alien's telepathic emissions.

Upon arriving at the outpost, the equipment was setup and the alien was brought to a makeshift research lab before being woken up. While under the watchful eye of security, communication was again established and several basic questions were asked, attempting to see if the creature would react. It was obvious from the alien's reaction that it was able to hear us but two-way communication still seemed difficult, with the creature either not understanding or refusing to communicate back at us.

This continued for several hours before the equipment was shut down for the day, with the intention being next time to continue until two-way communication is established.