Better and Better

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Better and Better
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP029
*Initiated: 100821
*Ended: 100821
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: Better and Better
*Previous Mission: Previous
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

A drill-type mission on the holodeck is interrupted when the Sheppard crew gets the news about the Shogun being sabotaged by a high-ranking UFS officer.


Captain's log, Stardate 100821.

The Sheppard repairs are progressing, though mainly with our own engineers at present, as most are assisting in the repair of the Shogun. We appear so far to have repaired some partial damage to the warp core, well enough to at least get us to a speed higher than the warp 3 we could manage after the battle.

Repairs elsewhere though are going at a slow pace, mainly because I've given alot of crew some shore leave. After months away from home, they deserve it. They need to see their friends, their family. I just wish I could see mine.

- Looks away for the moment then returns back to the screen -

Today I've recalled some crew back to the ship for some drills. We still need to keep sharp and we still need to remember we are Starfleet officers, we stand high in the face of adversity and we keep on going no matter what this universe throws at us.

Computer, end log.


The crew of the Sheppard were joined by four Academy cadets for a drill-style holodeck mission which involved boarding a derelict merchant vessel, securing it and seeing what materials could be salvaged for Starfleet Operations. This simulation featured a loss of contact with the Sheppard - when communications were re-established, it turned out that the simulated Sheppard was under attack by three vessels and asking assistance - which meant bringing the derelict's systems online as best as possible and setting an intercept course.

The holodeck simulation was abruptly terminated by the Captain, however, with news that the Shogun had been sabotaged and that Commander Jadia Triellis was the one who was responsible for that. A scan of the ship's systems revealed that several other ships, including Sheppard, had suffered similar malfunctions - meaning that the sabotage was viral in nature.

As the Sheppard set out to find Commander Triellis, who was reported to have left the system on a transport to the Excalibur colony, Science officer Kaelin Odriscoll attempted to find the ion trail of the ship. With the help of Cadet Trask Darkwatch, who went through the technical data of the transport Commander Triellis presumably was on, the crew were able to track it down to 6 possible ion trails.